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Enjoy Battle Challenges!
By:  Jessica Dong

Make the world what we want it to be!” -Bright. This is a game called Arena of Valor and is really fun to play when bored. In Arena of Valor, you enjoy challenges, get to play with your friends and meet new people. It is a 5v5 mobile game that has 8 levels of ranking: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Veteran, Master, and Legendary. There are many modes you can choose from so you will never get bored! They also have a shop, where you can purchase various heroes. There are more than 115 heroes, each with a different ability.  The hero types are as follows: Marksman, also known as the AD Carry/ADC; Mage, known as AP carry/ APC; Assassins are the heroes that damage monsters fairly quickly; Tanks are heroes that have large amounts of HP; Warriors are really tanky; and last but not least, Supports are the one that heal their teammates. Along with all of the other items in the shop, heroes can be purchased by leveling up, but sometimes the game does giveaways too! To level up, you must kill minions, slayers, monsters, and dragons, but slayers have the most benefits for winning in the long run.

Arena of Valor was developed by a company called Riot Games. This company has created many games, among them being a Chinese one called 王者荣耀  (wang zhe rong yao). It has a similar gaming experience when compared to Arena of Valor, so I think that if you like the latter, you will certainly find enjoyment in the former.

Overall, I really like Arena of Valor and think if others try it out, they will as well.

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