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Mhshs Interviews

What’s Happening at Hunter

Written by Jay Rubin

As the year progresses there are more events for the students to enjoy. Who other than the student council would be the one planning these amazing activities? I asked a few members which important events the students should know about within the upcoming months, how the student council came up with these ideas, and which events have been the most and least successful so far.

Khamani Brown, co-president, told me that some events coming up are: 

February 14th - Candy Grams

In March - A Special Surprise

May 31st - Hunter Games

He said, “When it comes to brainstorming for events this is something we build off of each other, like say spirit weeks are the things we are talking about since we need 5 days, 5 fun days. So for that, it usually starts with analyzing what trends we see people liking already. Along with things that are well known and most importantly doable to maximize that participation. And for dances, that’s something the students in the student council would specialize in because we know our generation. In short terms, events mostly are student-led and planned with the help of advisors when needed.”. Khamani feels as though one of the most successful events through the years was the Hunter Games, “It always gets talked about, who will be better than which grade? Who has the better players? And when the day finally comes it’s a huge gathering of all the grades that never fails because of how fun and intense it is. That’s an event I think has been most successful.” While the least successful or most underrated event of the year is usually the dance, “The dance I feel is much better than the people that don’t go make it seem like you know? Obviously, it’s optional but dressing up, dancing to whatever song you like, and being with your friends is lowkey important when it comes to memories. But with that, there’s only one way to find out. Some changes we plan to make for new and future events are the way they are advertised, making sure we know it’s something the student body will engage in with little to no fallback, and that most importantly we see people having fun.”


Kiran Srikant, sophomore representative, says that some important events coming up are: 

February 14th - Valentine’s Day Candy Grams

March 20th - Freshmen Mixer Field Trip. 

She explained how the student council uses ideas that have been done in the past but renovated them to make them new and more interesting. They usually find things the school is lacking and come up with ideas on how to fix whatever the issue is. Srikant states, “I think the most successful event based on attendance was the winter dance last year. It was really fun even though the decorations and general aesthetics weren’t as great as the spring dance, which went poorly because barely anyone showed up. For our upcoming dance, we are hoping to create a nice aesthetic and advertise a lot so that the dance will be very successful.”

Ayanna Walton, a sophomore representative, has informed me that one of the important events the students should keep an eye out for is the Under the Stars dance on February 2nd. This is important for students to know about because it is a way for students to bond and meet new people in a non-classroom setting. Walton explained, “We come up with ideas for our events by listening to what our classmates want and then bringing it up in meetings to see where we go from there. But sometimes a member or Ms. Veras, our advisor, comes up with an idea and then it’s pitched in the meeting so we can decide whether or not it will work so we can start to plan.” She believes that the most successful event was the spirit weeks because so many people participated and showed their creativity. She doesn’t think any events were necessarily unsuccessful, however, she thinks it would be nice to have new people partaking in these activities rather than the same people always showing up. 

Emilio Guerrero, sophomore representative, explains, “There are a lot of events coming up soon and some that are still being worked on. To start off, there is a dance coming up on February 2nd. This is important as it will help students put their heads in something else other than work and it’s a great way to spend time with friends. There will also be Hunter Games which the date is to be determined but it’s an excellent way to show off your school and grade pride and your skills as well.” He says that ideas for events like mixers come from the student council members themselves. There is a brainstorming process for what they think each grade will enjoy, while still taking suggestions into account. Guerrero states, “Most of the events, mixers, and spirit weeks that have been put on this year have been successful as many students have been satisfied with them and participated in them. Of course, there will always be a group of students who won’t be satisfied, we can’t make everyone happy. But we do try to, as we are planning to bring more fun activities and make them more pleasing and hear more from the student body. The best way to do this once again, is if students share their ideas with us.”


Gavin Li, freshman representative, says that some important events coming up are:

March 20th - Freshmen Mixer

February 14th - Candy Grams

He says these are crucial because not only have many peers been anticipating a trip, it will give them a break from the hard work they have been doing at school. It will also be nice for people to have the opportunity to buy candy for the people they care about at our school. Li explained how there are specific times when the ideas are based on what the student council members come up with off the top of their heads, then the best ones are voted for unanimously by the whole team. There are other times however where Ms. Veras, the advisor for student council, will take ideas from past events and revamp them to make them more successful. He stated, “It has only been a few months through the school year so there haven't been too many events. However, I think the most successful so far is the Vlogmas from the Hunter-news crew but I'm not exactly sure how the behind-the-scenes went for them. But the videos came out to be pretty entertaining and I looked forward to watching them every morning. The least successful is probably when we put candy inside the phone pouches for Halloween because we ended up putting candy in a bag for the teachers to distribute so it wasn't surprising to many people. I would probably try to be more involved in the planning phase of events and voice out what other people want.”

There are many fun events coming up for all grades so don’t hesitate to join in and have fun with your peers. Tickets are on sale for the Under the Stars Dance for $3. They will be selling at the door on February 2nd for $5. Don’t miss out!

Basic Necessities Available to Students 

Written by Sofia Pyasta

Many teachers are constantly being asked for basic items that students may need. They may not have these items, or there may be students who are afraid to speak up and ask for them. So how are some teachers trying to make these resources more accessible in classrooms?

One teacher that is trying to do this is Ms. Cordova, the 9th-grade English teacher. She has put together a box that is in her classroom with different items that students may need. This includes Band-Aids, pads, tampons, nail files, cough drops, and many other items. Throughout this, she has also learned what NOT to put in the box, due to how students have misused it. She stated, “The issue that I came across, though, is that I put mints and gum in the box. Within the first day, they were pretty much all gone because kids were running to the box when they got to class and then taking 4-5 pieces of gum out.” After being constantly asked for these items, she stated that she feels it would be much easier to have these items available for students to just take whenever they may need them. She also stated, “I usually have these things in my bag or my cabinet, but I was like, if I have it in a box it will be something that is easier for students to access”. When asked about how she came up with this idea, she stated that she has seen many big events have an essentials box available in bathrooms, and after having one at her own wedding, she decided to reuse that box in her classroom. Having items like these in the classroom can minimize distractions by having to ask for these items and possibly search for them, and always have these items available when they may not have been before. It can also make the classroom a safer place for students and make them feel more comfortable, by not having to ask and always just having these items available to them. When asked about how she feels about most classrooms not having this resource, Ms. Cordova stated, “I don’t think every teacher needs to have a box like this, but I think that teachers should be more aware of what students may need throughout the course of the day.”

Overall, having a box like this and having these resources just available to students can be very beneficial. Sometimes students do not have these items, even when they need them most, and just by making this box, it has been easier for most students to get these items at any moment.

A Night Under The Stars
Written by Elene Dvali

    There has been talk among the students asking when the next school dance will be. They’ll be happy to know that it is happening on February 2nd––the Friday after Regents Week! The dance is taking place at five thirty pm in the south cafeteria, where there will be snacks, music and lots of dancing. A sophomore, Emilio Guerrero, recommended that everybody, especially the freshman, come to the dance. It would be a night where you let loose and have fun with your friends. For the freshman, it would be their first experience with a high school dance, allowing them to live the movie-like sensation that everybody expects when going into high school. Emilio was asked if there was any advice he would give to people who have not been to any Hunter school dances. To this, he responded with, “Come in without nerves, and if you’re nervous, don’t let that shine.” He stated that the nerves will soon disappear because, by the end of the night, you will end up having lots of fun.

Many said that last year’s winter dance was really fun, filled with people laughing, taking photos and just enjoying themselves. The expectation when going into the dance was that everybody would be dancing and having fun, which is exactly how it was. People enjoyed using the photo booth and somebody even did a backflip! Overall, many commented that last year’s winter dance was wonderful and had a great vibe. Hopefully, the same will be able to be said about this year’s upcoming winter dance.


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