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Outdoor adventures at the black Rock Camping Trip

by: Dorothea West

 The excitement was building as everyone arrived at the school. It was a Friday morning; the end of a long week, but the days ahead promised exciting outdoor activities, not to mention an extra long weekend. As you could expect, getting through security was a pain (as per usual), but once all of the equipment and luggage was loaded on the bus, you could feel the anticipation bubbling. The bus ride was loud and filled with conversation, with everyone trying to guess what was to come on our exciting adventure. After about an hour and a half, everyone started to lose service, and we realized that we were almost at the camp. We unloaded the bus, noticing the incredible view of the mountains covered by the fall foliage. Though everyone wanted to get right to the fun and games, we had to go over the rules first. After hearing about the “one blanket, one pillow” rule, Mr. Eisenstadt led us through Ships and Sailors, and we got our room assignments. We all rushed into the lodge to unpack our luggage and get ready for the next activity. What came next was the part of the trip that some of us were dreading and others couldn’t wait for. The Hike… (Dun dun dun!). One student says, “This was my favorite part of the trip, because I had never been hiking before. We got to experience lots of different types of weather and meet new people!” We began our hike to Honey Hill as a large group but quickly split up. Mr. Ost lead the way, and Mr. Eisenstadt followed slowly behind teaching walking biology lessons along the way. Though the hike was at times challenging, with extremely steep hills, it was the most gorgeous part of the whole weekend. The mountains were covered with leaves that came in all sorts of beautiful fall colors and the view from the apex of the hill was spectacular. When we got back to the lodge after the hike, everyone was exhausted. We were given and hour for rest time, in which no one really rested, unless singing and dancing and eating snacks can be considered resting. Before it was time to start making dinner, we were assigned our “Pods,” which would be the groups that we would prepare meals with, as well as compete in a series of olympic events Saturday night. In the next hour, the teachers set up some indoor activities: Ms. Petrollini led a heated game of Trouble (in which some of the players may not have been as honest as they should have been!); Mr. Prem played card games; Mr. Eisenstadt taught a science lesson about the properties of yeast while he made bread; Mr. Kozak baked, filling the air with the delicious aroma of fresh baked pie, and Mr. Ost led a guitar jam session. When dinner was finally ready, we all realised how hungry we actually were! As a group of high school students, our appetites were already quite large, but they had been made even larger by that day’s packed schedule, but the tacos helped to revitalize us. Once all the clean up was done, we were given our first activity for the Pod Olympics. That night, we would be challenging our teachers to a test of smarts. R U Smarter Than An MHSHS Student, allowed us, the students to create a series of trivia questions in all of our core classes, to try and stump our teachers. We all huddled in corners of the great room in the lodge, trying to create the trickiest questions to ask, with the hopes of getting the bonus point for the Pod Olympics. The competition proved to all of the students that once you become an adult, you don’t really remember the stuff you learned in school. After the competition had ended, everyone ate the delicious pie that had been made earlier, and spent the last hours of our first day at the lodge talking to their friends and running around. Mr. Ost put The Matrix on in the great room, but no one really watched the movie. The day finished around eleven as everyone fell into their bunk beds and fell (mostly) asleep. The next morning everyone sleepily stumbled out of their rooms and started to get ready for the day. As breakfast was being cooked, Mr. Eisenstadt encouraged people to go outside with him and play “the stick game,” a game that involves throwing and beating sticks on the ground. Breakfast was served and everyone gathered around the tables, eating eggs, bacon, and potatoes. Once the dishes had been done, we got more time to prepare for the Pod Olympics. Human pyramids were perfected and pod cheers were rehearsed. Before we began our hike for the day, we met in the science lab to learn about how to use compasses. While Mr. Eisenstadt was teaching, snow began to fall outside! Though the weather had shifted overnight and the temperature had dropped significantly, we could not wait for the hike that we had ahead of us. Once lunches had been prepared and packed into bags, we headed off to the mountain that the park is named after: Black Rock Mountain. The hike, though not as steep as the one the day before, was much longer. The view from the top of Black Rock Mountain, however was well worth the hiking. We all took pictures of the incredible view and savored the few minutes of break we got before we continued on to Split Rock Mountain, where we would eat lunch. If the view from the first mountain wasn’t spectacular enough, the view here topped all the rest of the views in the park. Because it was such a clear day, we could see the distant outline of the New York City skyline in the distance! The hike was exhausting, and when we arrived back at the lodge, everyone collapsed on the floor. We drank hot cocoa, to defrost our cold, tired muscles and relaxed while dinner was prepared. After eating pasta, meatballs and garlic bread, we got ready to go enjoy a campfire. Since we had gone on such a long, exhausting hike, the teachers took pity on us and transported us to the campfire in their cars, and in the bed of a truck belonging to someone who worked at the park. Though the campfire sounded fun, it was quite windy that night, so everyone either got smoke blown at them or froze! After the campfire, we hiked back in the dark, telling scary stories as we returned to the lodge. When we arrived, it was finally time to compete in the Pod Olympics! Each Pod took turns performing what they had prepared, ending with the Teacher Skit, where students get to pick a teacher to impersonate. As the teachers discussed who they thought should win the teacher skit, we all enjoyed some homemade brownies. The night wore on, and everyone forgot about the competition as they fell fast asleep. On our final morning of the trip, we cooked all of the food that we had left for breakfast and had one last meal as a group. After breakfast, we packed up our stuff and cleaned up the lodge. We played our final rounds of ships and sailors and loaded up the bus. The bus ride back was much quieter than on the way there as everyone was exhausted for the jam packed weekend that we had had. Everyone enjoyed the trip, and was sad to leave. “This trip introduced me to a lot of people in the school,” says freshman Sofie Makovets, “You formed better connections with your teachers and were able to breathe outside of school. I would highly recommend this trip.” If any of this sounds fun to you, make sure to join us next year for the Black Rock camping trip!