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Gaming Review  

Is Roblox the best game?
By: Jessica Dong

Do you think Roblox is the best game? It has millions of games you can join! Such as Role play games, fighting games, tycoons, simulators, etc. You can play these games with your friends, play them when you are getting bored, and when you need excitement. It is also really fun to play games that other people created! They would feel really happy and would love to see you enjoy the game too! Roblox is free to play, and you could also decorate your avatar by purchasing something called Robux! And if you don’t it’s fine because it would still have some free things inside your inventory and you can decorate too. And at the same time, The games are free to play!! (Except for some) You could also create your games and put them in whatever format you want it to be. Robux always comes in handy if you want to decorate or purchase any games that need money, or even support someone by donating your Robux to them. The game is called “Please Donate”. I'm sure they would thank you for doing that to the people who don't have any Robux or couldn’t afford anything. (It’s your choice!!!) You also have to watch out for Roblox scams and make sure to watch out for people too! And also the websites If someone wants your account make sure to not give it to them at all! IT IS A SCAMMM! There are games such as horror games, and games that make you happy too! And more and more games are being played by people. People enjoyed the game and the challenges!

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