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How do clubs contribute to the MHSHS student community?

Written By: Divya Darshanprashad 

Published on March 27, 2023

We offer a great variety of clubs at Manhattan Hunter Science, often exploring various cultures, religions, and interests. Through events and fundraisers, these clubs are able to create a great impact on the school community. The student council alone is able to make many memorable events, such as the Valentine's Day Candy Gram sale, and the Winter Wonderland dance. With more passionate students creating clubs and striving to create fun and engaging activities, the community grows stronger. 


MHSHS cultural clubs are great ways for students to diversify their knowledge on different cultures. For example, clubs like the Black Student Union (BSU) often promote their culture throughout the school hallways by having students work together to decorate them. These decorations involve kente cloth, different countries' flags that show African diaspora, as well as matching signs that detail important people, events, or revolutions. There are also flags representing movements, such as Rastafarian, and the collective culture of African Americans. BSU also uses their Instagram platform to post important contributors to black people’s accomplishments. 


Another example is the newly founded Desi Club. They are working to spread and share South Asian traditions and culture throughout the school by hosting weekly fundraisers known as Chai Day. This weekly club event allows club members to share a part of their background with their peers while students also get to enjoy a taste of South Asia’s popular drink. The chai sales create an environment where students are able to merge two worlds which were once very segregated; school and culture. Additionally, students in this club discuss and learn more about the Desi diaspora and its influence. The Desi Club will soon be starting a book club to read books that highlight Desi values and ideology. This allows students to add to their knowledge about Desi history and continue to carry on the importance of their background.  


Other MHSHS student-run clubs include the Jewish Student Union (JSU), Asian Affiliation Association (AAA), Muslim Student Association (MSA), Latinx Student Union (LSU), and Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA). These clubs were created to assist in creating an environment where students feel supported and can see themselves in their education. Creative Writing is a club that posts students' work in front of English classrooms where others can read them, effectively growing the student's desire to write as well as creating a conversation piece. There is more to each club than just meetings, because through events clubs create, our school community is able to diversify itself.

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