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As we all know, Spotify Wrapped has been released. If you are not already familiar with Spotify Wrapped, it is a recap of all the music you’ve listened to this year. At the end of the year, it tells you your top 5 artists, so I interviewed my peers to find out what Manhattan Hunter Science’s top artist is.

Out of everyone, eleven people I interviewed had Drake as their number one artist. Drake is one of the most popular artists in the world right now–in fact, my number one artist was Drake as well. Drake is a very versatile artist, switching from R&B (Take Care, Thank Me Later) to Dancehall (Views). More recently Drake released his latest album “For All The Dogs” and his deluxe album, “Scary Hours 3.” Drake is the top artist with all his albums being number one in the United States and Canada. He is tied with Michael Jackson in the “Most Number One Singles By a Male Solo Artist” category, shown by his winning with the song “First Person Shooter” ft J.Cole. My favorite song from Drake is “Jungle,” as I love the way he flows on that song and the chorus is incredible. Drake has decided to step back from music for a while, but he may be featured on more albums in the next few years such as “Music” by Playboi Carti, “Almighty So 2” by Chief Keef, and “Pink Friday 2” by Nicki Minaj. 

In second place is Taylor Swift with seven people having her as their top artist. Taylor Swift is named the top global artist by Spotify, so it’s no surprise that she is in the top 3. Swift’s popularity can be seen by the fact that almost everyone has heard one of her songs before. Similar to Drake, she moves around with genres, as she has made music within the genres of country, pop hits, and indie rock. One thing that Taylor is known for is her use of having different eras depending on the album, whether it be the cottagecore-based “Folklore” or the nostalgia-soaked “1989.” Taylor has become one of the most famous female artists in history with her Eras Tour movie becoming the highest-grossing concert movie ever. She also has forty-three Grammy nominations. Taylor has recently released “Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition),” “Speak Now (Taylor’s version)” and “1989 (Taylor’s version).” So far, Taylor hasn't announced anything regarding the near future. 


Lastly, A Boogie was number one on six people’s list. A Boogie is not the most popular artist in the world compared to Taylor and Drake, but people in New York gravitate more towards him due to it being his hometown. A Boogie is mostly a rapper with some melodic songs. I'm not the biggest fan of his because to me, the music he makes is not great and it sounds like the same song over and over again. A Boogie has not released any album this year but released his album “Me Vs. Myself” last year. A Boogie is expected to release his album “Better Off Alone” in December 2023.


Manhattan Hunter Science High School listens to many different kinds of music. Although not everyone has the same taste, we can at least appreciate each other’s music. Spotify Wrapped releases every year in December, so see you in 2024!

A Holiday Playlist To Make You Feel Festive


Oh, the holidays! Everyone loves them! The colder weather, trying to catch snowflakes with your tongue, the process of putting up your Christmas tree, and regardless of whether you celebrate or not, music! Oftentimes, people will put up Christmas movies such as “Home Alone” or “The Polar Express,” but it wouldn’t be the same without the amazing music. As most of you know, once Thanksgiving is over, Mariah Carey starts "defrosting," meaning her infamous song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” starts playing everywhere. However, I’m sure everyone has heard the same boring songs over and over again, so I wanted to know what the students' overrated and underrated songs were. I went around and asked my peers, Yaretzi Ayala, Melvin Garcia, and Maddisyn Da Silva, “What's a winter-themed song you think is overrated and a song you think is underrated?” 

Ayala replied, “‘All I want for Christmas is you’ is a song I think is overrated, but just because it’s overrated doesn’t mean it’s bad, and I enjoy listening to it. However, it’s very overplayed, and whenever I go to the city, it will be blasting in your ears. When it comes to an underrated song, that one Grinch song that Tyler the creator made for the more recent movie kind of slapped for a kid's movie.” (If you’re wondering what song she’s talking about, it’s “You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”). Garcia said, "Umm, overrated is all I want for Christmas—you, by Mariah Carey. Underrated is jingle bell rock,” and lastly, Da Silva said, “All I Want for Christmas is You.” It’s played every year, and it’s annoying, but I do love it. It makes me happy, like all winter-themed songs. Everyone knows the song “Let It Snow,” but I don’t think it’s appreciated enough. Honorable mentions for underrated Silent Night. I love it. One of my  favorites."Based on these students’ responses, it’s unanimous that Mariah Carey’s song is overrated, and quite frankly, it’s no shock. Just like Ayala and Da Silva said, you’ll start listening to that song the moment Thanksgiving is over, but I agree with them; it’s a type of song you get sick of hearing, but once it comes around to the holidays, it lightens up your festive mood. Now, for these underrated songs, I’d have to agree with them! All of these songs are something you don’t hear as often, and surely after a stressful day at school, the last thing you want to listen to is the same repetitive songs you’ve heard all your life. So, if these songs aren’t to your liking, I’d suggest playing the playlist “World’s Best Christmas Playlist." It’s amazing!

A Holiday Playlist To Make You Feel Festive


With Christmas quickly approaching, it's the season of giving and receiving. It's that time of the year when Christmas music dominates the Billboard charts and is played, which gets us in the mood for the holidays and truly gets us into the setting of winter and Christmas spirit. To get in the mood for Christmas and the impending winter, check out these tunes. Let's begin with a timeless piece. Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" is a fantastic tune to listen to when you're feeling festive. Even though this song was released several decades ago, it continues to be considered one of the most recognizable holiday hits of all time, as seen by its consistently stable placement on the charts each December. Our next song of suggestion is “Oh Santa!” by Mariah Carey. Known as the "Queen of Christmas," Mariah Carey has released numerous Christmas songs in addition to the well-known tune "All I Want for Christmas is You." This is another one of her songs that deserves to be given more exposure and deserves to be considered a solid Christmas hit. And finally, Wham!'s "Last Christmas." The vocals that this group presents us with are incredible, and the track's joyful, calming vibe is enhanced by the sound of jingle bells in the background and an instrumental that plays in between the choruses. It truly feels like Christmas in your own house, even without the holiday arriving yet. This concludes our list of recommended Christmas music for you to play throughout December. You can listen to an array of songs that will make you feel just like these three. On the other hand, these tunes must be included on a Christmas playlist. I hope you have a great week off, a Merry Christmas, and an enjoyable holiday season!

A New Favorite Christmas Song


With Christmas around the corner, many people are excited and are getting ready for the holidays, whether it’s by going Christmas shopping for loved ones or by decorating the place to look festive. Now, if your family is anything like mine, then as soon as Thanksgiving is over, your Christmas tree is up and you start listening to Christmas music on the radio. We all know that once this time of year comes around, any time we turn on the radio or walk into a store, the first thing we hear is Mariah Carey singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” 

There are so many other songs that play, but we just don’t care for them. Especially if this other song is another Christmas song by Mariah Carey. I know you’re probably thinking about how you know other Christmas songs but I’m going to prove you wrong. Have you ever heard of the song “Oh Santa!” Can you guess who sings it? Let me help you out. The person who sings this song claims to be the Queen of Christmas. Yep, you guessed it, this is another song that Mariah Carey sings for Christmas. Because this isn’t her biggest song, you probably haven’t heard of it. Since it’s a different view of one of our favorites, I would highly recommend listening to it before the holiday season comes to an end. But of course, a song can not be a Mariah Carey song without her iconic whistle note. If you took a liking to this song, I would also recommend the remix with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson. Anyway, if you are planning on making a Christmas playlist, I would highly suggest adding these two songs to it.

Music Reviews: What Should You Add To Your Playlist

An Astounding Song To Add To Your Fall Playlist

Written by Yadier Peguero

There are numerous songs that signal the advent of fall and get you in the mood for it. One of many songs that I think definitely gives me a fall vibe is “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood. I’ll explain how this song makes me feel and why I associate it with fall. For starters, the song’s title and the reference to a sweater represent the fact that when fall arrives, it’s time to bring out the sweaters and comfortable attire since we are transitioning into colder weather. This sound is incredibly tranquil and soothing, and it can calm and ease the mind. Despite being a decade since its release, “Sweater Weather” is still a very popular song that many enjoy and had its brief moment trending on TikTok. This hit by The Neighbourhood rejects the idea of dying down. This song shifts into different sounds as if it were separate songs put together within four minutes. This shows the versatility and how experimental the group was when developing this sound, which sets the song apart from any other song released. The words ``Cause it’s too cold / For you here and now / So let me hold / Both your hands in the holes of my sweater” in the song also convey a metaphor about them facing the cold together, maintaining each other’s warmth. The song also incorporates love in its lyrics, making it applicable to anyone in a relationship or simply in love. Many people could feel as though they're with a romantic partner, even though they may not be in a relationship. That’s one of the various effects that this song can have on an individual. If you’ve never heard this song, you should definitely give it a listen and add it to your playlist for the fall.

Two Songs That Will Make You Fall In Love With October

 Written By Ayanna Walton

When most people think of fall, they either think of falling in love or being heartbroken. So, when I was given the prompt of picking songs that get me in the mood for fall I immediately thought of two things: love and heartbreak. With that information, the two songs that will always get me in the mood for fall are “We Fell In Love In October” and “October Passed Me By,” which are two songs by Girl In Red. I didn’t pick these songs just because of their fall cover, but because of the tone that they have. When listening to these songs it’s like I can feel what the artist was feeling. The song “We Fell In Love In October” reminds me of when the crisp, chill air of fall comes around and people are getting ready for the holidays. But, alongside the holidays comes a time which some might call “cuffing season.” If you don’t already know, cuffing season is seen as a period of time during the autumn and winter months when being in a romantic relationship is desirable. Due to the fact that many don’t want to be lonely for the holidays, they plan to get into a relationship around this time. Now on the other hand, “October Passed Me By” reminds me of when fall is coming to an end and so does a relationship that never had the time it needed to flourish. To connect this back to the whole idea of cuffing season, this song would be after the season has ended and you are left single, now having to go through the healing stage of trying to move on from all of the memories you made with this person. For these reasons, “We Fell In Love In October”  and “October Passed Me By” feel like autumn to me, and remind me of the stages of love and heartbreak. If you enjoy music like this, you should listen to these songs during the season of autumn.

October Music Reviews

Written By Cesar Reyes


Drake - “For All The Dogs”                    

“For All The Dogs” is Drake’s eighth studio album, released on October 6th, 2023. It was Drake “returning to form,” as he called it, bringing back the Drake that fans wanted from his old albums, such as “Take Care” and “Nothing Was The Same.” The album features artists such as SZA, Yeat, Lil Yachty, Teezo Touchdown, 21 Savage, Chief Keef, J.Cole, Partynextdoor, Bad Bunny, Sexyy Red, and his son Adonis, who also drew the cover for the album. The album is mostly R&B, with a few songs having more of a Hip-Hop feel like “First Person Shooter,” “Fear Of Heights,” and “Daylight.” Some songs were more melodic, including “Slime You Out,” “Away From Home,” and “Members Only.” Drake has a lot of good songs on this album and no feature here feels out of place. The album flows nicely, although some songs feel slower during the middle part of the album. “For All The Dogs” does not pick up until the very end, with “8 am in Charlotte.” All in all, this album is an 8/10. Despite the fact that it was good, it felt slow and tiring at times.

Ken Carson - “A Great Chaos” 

“A Great Chaos” is Ken Carson’s third studio album, released on October 13, 2023. This album was very anticipated by fans, with it first being announced July 17th, 2023 and then being pushed back to release October 13th. October 13th was a Friday, so it made sense for him to release it then since he wanted to give off a certain vibe with this album. “A Great Chaos” features two other artists, including Destroy Lonely, who appears in three songs. Lil Uzi Vert is also featured, who is a long-time collaborator with the founder of Ken Carson’s label, Playboi Carti. All of the songs on the album, despite providing me with a similar feeling when listening to them, somehow feel different in their own way. Not a single song in the album feels like it is repeating itself, which is usually an issue that many people have with Ken Carson’s work, like “Opium.” Watching Ken improve his music and create great songs that keep me engaged, I must give this album a 10/10.

Bad Bunny- “Nadie Sabe Lo Qué Va A Pasar Mañana” 

“Nadie Sabe Lo Qué Va A Pasar Mañana” is Bad Bunny's fifth album, released on October 13th, 2023. The album was a surprise, with him alluding to it on Monday and releasing it the Friday of the same week. This album is different from his last one, as it has more Hip-Hop aspects to it, instead of the Pop vibe he had before. Bad Bunny writes more about his fame and his struggles with being as popular as he is. The album’s title translates to “No One Knows What Will Happen Tomorrow,” and most of the songs repeat that same saying, almost as if Bad Bunny wants to project a feeling of dread, while still creating a sense of hope within the listeners. The album is quite long, as it is an hour long with twenty-two songs. I would give this album a 7/10.


Drake - “For All The Dogs”        

Tracklist:  Virginia Beach,  Amen (ft. Teezo Touchdown),  Calling For You (ft. 21 Savage),  Fear Of Heights, Daylight, First Person Shooter (Ft. J. Cole), IDGAF (Ft. Yeat), 7969 Santa, Slime You Out (Ft. SZA), Bahamas Promises, Tried Our Best, Screw The World (Interlude), Drew A Picasso, Members Only (Ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR), What Would Pluto Do, All The Parties (Ft. Chief Keef), 8 am in Charlotte, BBL Love (Interlude), Gently (Ft. Bad Bunny), Rich Baby Daddy (Ft. Sexyy Red & SZA), Another Late Night (Ft. Lil Yachty), Away From Home, Polar Opposites  


Ken Carson - “A Great Chaos”

Green Room  Jennifer's Body  Fighting My Demons  Singapore (Ft. Destroy Lonely)  Lose It  ​​Hardcore  Me N My Kup  It's Over  Succubus  Paranoid (Ft. Destroy Lonely)  Pots  Like This (Ft. Destroy Lonely & Lil Uzi Vert)   Overtime   Vampire Hour   Nightcore   Nightcore 2   Rockstar Lifestyle   i need u 


Bad Bunny- “Nadie Sabe Lo Qué Va A Pasar Mañana” 

NADIE SABE, MONACO, FINA by Bad Bunny & Young Miko, HIBIKI by Bad Bunny & Mora, MR. OCTOBER, CYBERTRUCK, VOU 787, SEDA by Bad Bunny & Bryant Myers, GRACIAS, POR NADA, TELEFONO NUEVO by Bad Bunny & Luar La L, BABY NUEVA, MERCEDES CAROTA by Bad Bunny & YOVNGCHIMI, LOS PITS, VUELVE CANDY B, BATICANO, NO ME QUIERO CASAR, WHERE SHE GOES, THUNDER Y LIGHTNING by Bad Bunny & Eladio Carrión, PERRO NEGRO by Bad Bunny & Feid, EUROPA :(, ACHO PR by Bad Bunny, Arcángel, De La Ghetto & Ñengo Flow, UN PREVIEW 

Three Songs That Are A Must For Fall

Written by Ella Murga

As the season changes from summer to fall, the leaves start to fall and crisp, the days get shorter, and the air becomes chilly. So does the music, fall music is all about the feeling of nostalgia for most. One music artist that has really good fall music is Taylor Swift, a song that screams fall is "Cardigan". "Cardigan" is about her memories from a conflicted teenage romance. Taylor uses her cardigan to represent their relationship which is filled with comfort and familiarity. This song is packed with vivid memories and intense sensory details of their relationship. Another song that will give you fall vibes is "All Too Well" by Taylor Swift. This song is all about her emotions of heartbreak. This song will paint a picture of a beautiful fall day with vivid details. Such as "autumn leaves falling like pieces into place". One last song that makes me feel like the fall season is "The Best Day". This song is about her and her mom growing up. It is written like a thank you letter. This song is all about her appreciating her mom and the season is fall. She talks all about passing pumpkin patches, tractors, and "how the trees change in the fall". If you want a heartfelt song that will give you fall vibes you should listen to "Cardigan" and "All Too Well”" by Taylor Swift.

Songs That Give Fall Themes/Vibes
Written by Lexceni Abrego

"Dark Red" by Steve Lacy


"Dark Red" by Steve Lacy was part of his EP "Steve Lacy’s Demo" which was released on February 24, 2017. The song speaks of his desire and fear to not lose this one special person and only wants them. It can be seen with the lines "I just hope she doesn’t wanna leave" and  "Only you, my girl, only you, babe Only you, darling, only you, babe Only you, my girl, only you, babe Only you, darling, only you". The song gives a very cozy vibe, the beat is very catchy, and gives a bubbly feeling of how someone may only want to be with and want you and only you. The background instrumental consisting of what sounds like a drum, bass guitar, and vocals of some other people mixed with his vocals are very appealing to the ear. The song gives a fall theme in terms of how I can imagine someone walking down the street listening to this song in chilly weather with a coffee in their hand. I would give the song a 10/10 due to the fact it is also something that I feel like everyone can like.


"Right Side of My Neck" by Faye Webster


"Right Side of My Neck" by Faye Webster was part of their album "Atlanta Millionaires Club" which was released on May 24, 2019. The talks about the lingering memories of a past lover and what they experienced together. With the line "the right side of my neck still smells like you" shows how the past lover still is part of her in a way due to all they did with each other. The song has a very bright tone to it despite its meaningful and possibly relatable lyrics to some. The beginning of the song was very catchy with the lines "you said you can't change your haircut but it looks good anyway" and as the song went on it was very nice but it slightly got repetitive towards the end. The fall vibes/theme comes from the tone and mood of the song. When I think of fall I think of calming things and like songs that I could listen to on walks through quiet parks or to study in a library during the fall and that song is exactly that.  I would give the song an 8.5/10 just because it did get very repetitive towards the end of the song but it is a song I feel like a lot of people would like.


"No Other Heart" by Mac DeMarco


"No Other Heart" by Mac DeMarco was part of the singer/songwriter's "Another One" album that was released on  August 7, 2015. The song is about how he believes his love with a past lover is irreplaceable and it would've been nothing compared to the new love the past lover has with someone new and any they may have in the future. The beat of the song is very catchy and calming. The tone he sings in suits the song well. There are many catchy parts to the song like "Then come on, give this lover boy a try I'll put the sparkle right back in your eyes. What could you lose?"  and "Is it wrong to think my love could really help you out? It's simply just my stubborn heart, no doubt". For the fall themes, the song is a lot about love and wanting to be with a lover, and the tone is very calm and smooth which gives an image of doing fall or winter activities with a lover. I would give the song a 10/10 just for its beat, catchiness, and meaning which many could possibly relate to.

Cozy Songs For The Holiday Season
Written by  Kelsang Chyapa

The end of October has come. The weather is getting more breezy as it's nearing the holidays. The first song that suits perfectly for the upcoming holidays is "Santa Tell Me," by Ariana Grande. I’ll describe how this song makes me feel and why it fits with this month. The song’s title "Santa Tell Me," creates a connection to Christmas, a holiday that is celebrated in late December. The song's melody is upbeat, but it still has a soft tune to it. The song’s rhythm expresses both the eager feeling of love and trying to find the perfect love. "Santa Tell Me," is a popular song as many people relate to the song's lyrics about their love life. This song conveys the meaning of being a hopeless romantic during the holiday season. Another song I would most definitely recommend is "All I Want For Christmas Is You," by Mariah Carey. This song is a classic song choice with its connection to the strong desire for love for the holidays. This song reminds me of when the holidays begin and when new relationships start. The song’s lyric, "Santa, won't you bring me the one I really need?" expresses the emotions of one's hope of getting the person they want. "Santa Tell me," by Ariana Grande and "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey are both perfect songs if you're searching for love during this romantic time of the season. Both songs contain the festive melody of the holidays and the lyrics of love.

A Shift To Winter Melodies

BY : Ella Murga

As crisp autumn leaves make way for blankets and snow, our music also shifts. I received three great music recommendations from my friends and decided to give them a listen. One of the songs was “Stay” by Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko. The song is about the challenges and struggles that come with love. While it may not have been intended as a winter song, its message can resonate strongly during the holiday season. Another song recommended to me was “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. This iconic song holds the number-one holiday spot for a reason. The beat alone makes it hard not to feel happy about the holidays. This song and lyrics perfectly capture the holiday spirit. The last song recommendation I got was “Snow on the Beach” by Taylor ft. Lana del Ray. This song is about two people falling in love at the same time, and experiencing a fateful moment. They feel a sense of unreality or detachment from their surroundings. These songs should become a holiday season staple.

Orquídeas by Kali Uchis is all bops

BY: Lexceni Abrego

January was filled with many releases in the music industry. A very much looked-forward-to album was the new Kali Uchis album. Orquídeas by Kali Uchis. Orquídeas is her fourth studio album but her second Spanish studio album. The name of the album translates to orchids. Which is the national flower of Columbia where Kali Uchis's parents are from. The album consists of 14 tracks with different features like Peso Pluma, JT, El Alfa, Rauw Alejandro, and Karol G. The beginning of the album starts with a slow swaying beat. The second song of the album is “Me pongo Loca” which translates to I go crazy. The song shows the feeling and desire faced when wanting to move on from a relationship and if the other person was hurt in the process. In the song Kali talks about how she goes a little crazy but insists that it's not her fault. The song speaks a lot about one's self-discovery and the emotions one can face in a situation like that. The song has a very catchy instrumental with Kali’s voice mixing well on how she stretches some of her words to match the instrumental. The third song on the album is “Igual que Un Angel” featuring Peso Pluma. The name translates to an angel. In the song Kali and Peso Pluma sing about an angel-like woman and how she deserved nothing but the best after past relationships. The lines of the song are “Ya le juraron amor y le fallaron” which means they promised her love but failed. As well as “Pero ella no se rinde, sonríe aunque le duela” meaning “but she doesn’t give up, smiles even when it hurts”. Throughout the song they can be heard talking about the woman as very angel-like with angel-like traits with her never changing who she was even through hard times she may face. The song speaks much about womanhood and being independent while still being strong. The mix of Kali’s and Peso Pluma's voice gives the song a groovy danceable vibe.“Diosa” is the fifth song in the album. Diosa in English means goddess. The name connects to the song due to the song representing how she embraces her femininity and how she commands that she gets respect throughout the song. Self Empowerment and knowing your self-worth is seen throughout the song as well. Kali Uchis speaks on how strong she is and knows what will keep her happy as she deserves to be and that her partner has to keep her satisfied. The universe is on her side and provides her with what she needs and deserves. She describes the relationships she has as her being dominant and her partner being the submissive one. Accepted by both and not just by one. The song speaks on control and how she has control over her relationships with how she is confident and knows her worth. “Munekita” is the tenth song on the album. It features El Alfa and JT.

The song has a rap and reggaeton beat. Compared to the first few songs on the album the song is very fast-paced and playful. Self-empowerment, confidence, and self-love while still talking about embracing individuality. Kali’s verse is about the angel who was mentioned in the second track and her desires in what she wants in a new relationship. Someone who knows her worth but is still confident. Meanwhile, El Alfas speaks on his experience with women and what he wishes for them. The women are luxury women who are confident while they wear luxury brands. When Kali and Jt sing together they speak more on how it's all about confidence and being yourself. The song has a very empowering vibe where it's all about inner beauty with confidence and not physical beauty. The catchy instrumental and lyrics that get stuck in your head make the song memorable. The beat switches add spice to the song and with each of the artists having such different voices that end up sounding well together, it makes the song extremely enjoyable to listen to. The next song on the album was “Labious Mordidos” with Karol G. Compared to Munekita the song has a much smoother and soft tone while still upbeat. The song speaks on sexuality and female empowerment with the theme of self-confidence still showing through. Karol and Kali speak of themselves as very confident and fearless. They speak from the perspective of how they are in relationships and how it would be to not play with their emotions. With a comparison of themselves to a tattoo of how both are permanent. The topic of sexuality is shown when Kali speaks on her attraction to both sexes while saying how beautiful different women from different cultures and backgrounds are. Her confidence shows when she says she can pull and attract who she wishes. While Karol talks about how there is control just because of a girl. She admires the girl because of her confidence. The song has very catchy vocals and a consistent rhythm while having good surprises of beats. Kali Uchis and Karol G’s vocals and voices mix well giving the song a very nice tone. It's one of the best songs on the album in my opinion. This album is a great addition to her already amazing discography and it is a must listen to for anyone looking for an upbeat and catchy album. Every Song has a powerful and important meaning. The collaborations Kali Uchis chose for the album complement the songs before and after. Starting with a soft and groovy tone and ending with a strong yet playful tone. The album is a no-skip album with its flows and how it doesn't jump around with different beats or sounds. Truly a beautifully curated album with all 14 tracks showing the ideas and meanings of confidence and self-empowerment.

January Drops
By: Cesar Reyes 

Playboi Carti: “Music”

Tracklist: “Ur The Moon”, “H00DBYAIR”, “2024”, “BACKR00MS Ft Travis Scott”, “EVILJ0RDAN”


          Playboi Carti released his list of singles after lying again about when the album was dropping. Playboi Carti has been releasing singles to prepare for the new album, with him either releasing the single on Instagram or Youtube. He announced the album was releasing in January 2024, but it has yet to release. The singles feature him using a deeper voice which is different from his original music, which he usually uses a higher tone in. Even though it is disappointing the album is not released yet, the singles are really good. All of them have me and many others excited for the new album, so I would give the singles a 9/10.


21 Savage: “American Dream”


          21 Savage released a new album to go with his new movie “21 Savage: The American Dream.” The album was a surprise drop as 21 Savage posted the feature list using baby photos, with the album cover being a baby photo of himself. “American Dream” is another regular 21 Savage album, where he utilizes the same beats with the same flow, only barely switching up the lyrics. The saving grace for this album really comes from the features such as Brent Faiyaz, Summer Walker, and Mariah the Scientist, who all had great R&B verses. In my opinion, Travis Scott had the best verse on the entire album. All in all, it’s a great album, but it could use some changing up with his flow and tone, as his albums are too similar for my personal taste. I would rate this album a solid 7/10.

Top 5 Songs of February

BY : Yadier Peguero

People listen to and get fixated on a wide variety of genres and songs. These are the top 5 records that have received a lot of affection from listeners. The first song we’re kicking off with is “Snooze” by SZA. Aside from the tracks included on her most recent album, "SOS," this song has been at the top of the charts and has remained popular for a very long period. A few of the reasons why so many people adore this song today are its lyricism and the very chill, soothing vibe it gives listeners. The following song is called "Rich Baby Daddy" by Drake and it features SZA and Sexyy Red. Most people can get up and dance to the energetic beat of this song, and who doesn't enjoy a Drake song? Taylor Swift's "Cruel Summer" is the third song we have. 

The song is still in high demand, as seen by its continued presence on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts even after its release many years ago. The fact that a song that was released years ago still captivates listeners demonstrates the impact of the song as well as the artist herself. The following song is called "Agora Hills" and it's by Doja Cat. This song, which combines pop and rap elements into a single, demonstrates one of the many ways Doja maintains her musical versatility. It also features lighthearted, romantic lyrics that speak to other couples who wish to flaunt their significant others as well as to their romantic relationship. The final track on the list is 21 Savage's "Redrum." His song samples Elza Laranjeira's "Serenata do Adeus," which adds a smooth, laid-back vibe to the song while also including a catchy beat and his incredible rapping abilities.

Top 10 Songs That Are Popular This Month & My Rankings

BY :  Ayanna Walton
  1. Snooze by SZA - 10/10

  2. On My Mama by Victoria Monét - 9.5/10

  3. 16 Carrigges by Beyoncé - 9/10

  4. Feather by Sabrina Carpenter - 9/10

  5. Made For Me by Muni Long - 9/10

  6. Water by Tyla - 9/10

  7. Texas Hold ‘Em by Beyoncé - 8.5/10

  8. Paint the Town Red by Doja Cat  - 8.5/10

  9. yes, and? By Ariana Grande - 8/10

  10. Lovin On me by Jack Harlow - 7/10

As we all know two main events of this month were the Grammys and the Super Bowl. So, with that, many of the songs that are popular this month came from being known on TikTok. For example, “Snooze” by SZA, a song that I personally ranked the highest, became really popular on TikTok, which is how it ended up winning a Grammy for Best R&B Song. Yet, on the other hand, there are songs like “16 Carrigges” and “Texas Hold ‘Em,” both by Beyonce that ended up becoming popular because they were released during the Super Bowl. Additionally, songs like “Water” by Tyla and “Made For Me” by Muni Long became super popular because of the trends TikTok has made using them. Another piece of music that became popular was “yes, and?” by Ariana Grande because it was the first song she has released in years. All of her fans were really excited to finally hear new music from her, but I ended up ranking it pretty low due to my higher expectations for it. A song that I ranked my second highest was “On My Mama” by Victoria Monét because she is an amazing writer and singer and I wholeheartedly believe that she deserved that Grammy. “Feather” by Sabrina Carpenter got fourth because I liked listening to the song and understand why it became popular, but it’s not exactly it for me. Finally, “Lovin On Me” By Jack Harlow was an okay song, but I just don’t get the hype, which is why it was ranked number ten. Lastly, I ranked “Paint the Town Red” by Doja Cat eighth because I see how the catchy tune made it popular, but it did not appeal to me much. Anyways, these are my rankings of 10 songs that I found to be pretty popular this month. 

Rap Album of the Year Ranking

BY : Cesar Reyes

Utopia - Travis Scott

HYAENA, THANK GOD (Feat. Swae Lee), MODERN JAM (Feat. Teezo Touchdown), MY EYES (Feat. Bon Iver & Sampha), GOD'S COUNTRY, SIRENS (Feat. Swae Lee), MELTDOWN (Feat. Drake), FE!N (Feat. Playboi Carti & Sheck Wes), DELRESTO (ECHOES) (Feat. Beyoncé), I KNOW?, TOPIA TWINS (Feat. 21 Savage & Rob49), CIRCUS MAXIMUS (Feat. The Weeknd, Swae Lee), PARASAIL(Feat, Yung Lean and Dave Chapelle, SKITZO (Feat. Young Thug), LOST FOREVER (Feat. Westside Gunn, LOOOVE (Feat. Kid Cudi), K-POP (Feat. The Weeknd & Bad Bunny), TELEKINESIS (Feat. Future & SZA), TIL FURTHER NOTICE (Feat. 21 Savage and James


Utopia was Travis’ return to music after his 6 years hiatus from his album ASTROWORLD. After the Astroworld tragedy, Travis released a few singles in the lead-up to Utopia. His most popular ones are “The Scotts ', “Franchise”, “Escape Plan' ' and “Highest In The Room' '. His album was released on July 28, 2023. The album is a return to his “Days Before Rodeo” sound, which was more grounded and less electronic than his other albums were. The album is really good, even though it's his worst album. The best songs on here are songs like “FE!N” or “THANK GOD” while I feel like songs such as “MELTDOWN” and “SKITZO” are too long and feel tiring to listen to. 7/10

Heroes And Villains - Metro Boomin 

ON TIME( John Legend), SUPERHERO(Future) TOO MANY NIGHTS(Don Toliver and Future) ,RAINDROPS(Travis Scott), UMBRELLA(21 Savage, Young Nudy),TRANCE(Travis Scott, Young Thug),AROUND ME(Don Toliver), METRO SPIDER(Young Thug), CAN'T SAVE YOU(Future, Don Toliver) CREEPIN'(The Weeknd, 21 Savage) NIAGARA FALLS(Travis Scott, 21 Savage), WALK EM DOWN(21 Savage, Mustafa, LOCK ON ME(with Travis Scott and Future), FEEL THE FIYAAAAH(W/ ASAP Rocky and Takeoff),  ALL THE MONEY(W/ Gunna)

Heroes And Villains is Metro’s second producer album, a producer album is an album where a producer makes beats for other artists to make songs over. The album itself is really good, there’s not a single song here that is off and doesn’t fit with the rest. It’s a 9/10

Her Loss - Drake and 21 Savage



"Her Loss" is a collaboration between the rapper Drake and 21 Savage, as a follow-up to their song “Jimmy Cooks” on Drake’s album “Honestly Nevermind”. The two have made songs before with “Mr. Right Now”, “Sneakin” and “Knife Talk”.

The three songs were examples of how well the duo works together. One thing to mention is the album has more Drake than 21 as 21 has 23% of the lyrics on the album, while the rest goes to Drake, and the one feature on the album is Travis Scott. The album is all alright, the songs are more brash and aggressive than his last albums and Drake overshadows 21 on these songs. All in all, I would give it a 6/10

My Favorite Album Reviews

By Cesar Reyes

Over the past 2 years, I’ve found myself liking music more than I did before. These three albums are not my top 3, but they are ones I wanted to talk about as they are very special and influential to me. I love every album here so they are all 10/10, but they each have their own things that make them worth the 10/10.



Weezer - Pinkerton

Tired of Sex, Getchoo, No Other One, Why Bother?, Across the Sea, The Good Life, El Scorcho, Pink Triangle, Falling for You, Butterfly

After the release of their 1994 debut album, simply titled “Weezer”, lead guitarist Rivers Cuomo started writing the band’s next album. After playing around with a rock opera idea and then scrapping it, Rivers fell into a deep depressive spiral, hating his rockstar lifestyle. After listening to “Madama Butterfly” by Giacomo Puccini, Rivers felt inspired to make a deeper and darker album, naming it Pinkerton after the opera’s character “BF Pinkerton”. The album is more abrasive than their last, with most songs starting with feedback songs as the song starts. It has a more grimy and dirty prediction, posing a stark contrast to the rest of their discography, which features a cleaner production. Most of the songs are about having someone they can't as well as having too much of something, which shows the rockstar lifestyle the band got tired of. When released, the album was hated by many and even by Cuomo himself, because he felt it was a bit too personal and dark. Despite this, by 2008, he had changed his stance on the album, saying it was “Brave, courageous, and ambitious.” I love every song on this album and it is actually what got me into Weezer. It’s a 10/10.



Travis Scott - Astroworld

Stargazing, Carousel (ft. Frank Ocean), Sicko Mode (ft. Drake, Swae Lee), R.I.P Screw (ft. Swae Lee), Stop Trying To Be God (ft. Philip Bailey, James Blake, Stevie Wonder), No Bystanders (ft. Sheck Wes, Juice WRLD), Skeletons (ft. Tame Impala, The Weeknd), Wake Up (ft. The Weeknd), 5% Tint, NC-17 (ft. 21 Savage), Astrothunder, Can’t Say (ft. Don Toliver), Who? What? (ft. Quavo, Takeoff), Butterfly Effect, Houstonfornication, Coffee Bean. 

“Astroworld” (written in all caps) is Travis Scott’s third studio album and was released on August 3rd, 2018. The album is described as a psychedelic trap rap album, taking inspiration from artists such as Kid Cudi and Tame Impala. The way the beats in the back carry the vocals on the front gives the album a theme park-like feel. On the psychedelic beats, the album features many vocalists like The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and Swae Lee, while on the trap beats it has rappers such as Drake, Quavo, and Gunna. A reason why I love this album is how you can just press play and listen without getting tired of it or not liking the song playing. There are very few songs I press skip on, and even then it’s because they have been overplayed, which only shows how good they are since they have been so popularized. Overall, this is an album where every song is a hit and has a feeling that brings you somewhere else. I would give this album a 10/10.



SZA - Ctrl

Supermodel, Love Galore (ft. Travis Scott),  Doves In The Wind (ft. Kendrick Lamar), Drew Barrymore, Prom, The Weekend, Go Gina,  Garden (Say It Like Dat), Broken Clocks, Anything, Wavy (Interlude ft. James Fauntleroy), Normal Girl, Pretty Little Birds (ft. Isaiah Rashad), 20 Something

Ctrl (pronounced as Control) is SZA’s debut album and was released on June 9th, 2017. The album is an R&B album, drawing influences from Trap Rap and Indie Rock. The songs are meant to be a reflection of modern love and SZA's own experience with it. The songs sometimes end with a recording of SZA’s mother giving her advice about love during a phone call in order to further demonstrate the recurring theme of love that is seen in the album. I love every song on this album, with songs like “Love Galore” being one of my favorite songs of all time. Other songs like “Prom”, “Anything”, and “Wavy” use trap rap and indie rock influences in full force. The songs just have a feel that is nice and campy, and SZA’s amazing voice and the way in which she uses it in this album is beautiful. This album is incredible and I love it. It’s easily a 10/10.

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