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 Academic Updates 

End of the Year
Written by Akib Mortoza

As the year comes to an end, many students start to reflect on the past months and their work ethics. For instance, one of the sophomore students, Steve Santana Jr, said how he just wanted to keep his grades up for the next few months until summer starts. He also said that math has been very difficult for him for some time. Similarly, Yusuf Siahaya has said congruent things about balancing his schoolwork with his sports, and how stressful all the work has been. This goes to show that many students want summer to start, or just want spring break. However, it also shows how even when we are tired, we still strive to do our best in school. Following this fact, Steve Santana and Yusuf Siahaya both said they wanted to achieve high grades by the end of the year. This mindset should be carried for the rest of the year, as well as into the following year, and throughout our high school years. There are only so many “end of years” we can experience, and we should come to the end of every year with a hard-working attitude.

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