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Art Review: Art Pieces and Exhibitions That Stand Out

The Brooklyn Museum: What stood out?
By: Vi Huang   

When I visited The Brooklyn Museum, the first painting I saw was a large abstract piece. As I got closer, I realized there were silhouettes of people in the painting. This caused a feeling of wonder. How many people have walked by this piece without realizing what was inside? Not only did this question arise, but another one surfaced: What is considered art in my mind? Would textiles, statues, or music count as art? 


“Textile Hanging Depicting Romantic Themes” made in Southern India during the late 17th to early 18th century was the textile that stood out to me. This piece was a mix of a grayish yellow and some red. It was quite large. Not only was it gorgeous but it also told stories of romance. The scene itself was set with flowering trees under a tent. So for these reasons, I was drawn to it.

“Sunset in Autumn Woods” was breathtaking. Stained-glass windows that felt like a step back in time, to an old church. After all, it was made in 1905 for the Universalist Church of Our Father and bought by All Souls Universalist Church. It is a colorful piece that most people only ever see on television. It caused a sense of yearning—a yearning to create a masterpiece like this one. 

Last but not least, music. As I wandered through the museum, I heard a beautiful symphony. Although I did not know the piece being played, I did some digging and found out the group playing was called the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra, an ensemble of string instruments. The songs they played conveyed an intense but in-sync and classical style.

In conclusion, my thoughts about this is that anything can be considered art if it is creative enough. Every art piece can be interpreted differently depending on the person. 

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