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Worthless Studios

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Photograph Credit: Melissa Golsonel

Worthless Studios is a Brooklyn-based community that supports artists of all backgrounds with resources and assistance. In return, Worthless Studios produce engaging and colorful public art and exhibitions!

"The trip to Worthless Studios can only be described as a performance of emotion in my opinion. In an amalgamation of superb filming, street art, collage, and audio presentation, the trip to Worthless Studios and the 1-800-Happy-Birthday project exceeded every expectation of mine. The abstract and experimental aspects of the studios provided a very raw experience for me, going further to deliver a somber, melancholic outlook on its main focus. Often, we as a black community tend to focus on our history and our past. Worthless Studios' 1-800-Happy-Birthday project allowed us to fully grasp the severity of our present."
- ~AJ Oyaniran
"I was very emotional. I think the trip taught me and my peers to cherish the time we have together because we never know when it’s going to end. Yes, the telephone audio messages kind of made me cry but it was a great experience. I love the artwork. It looks like a lot of time and effort was put into creating it. The whole scenery gave me a New York vibe, which I love. Lastly, the living room had my entire heart because it has a little of everyone from the people being represented which was beautiful and very touching. "
- Mel Golsonel
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