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School Sports 

MLK Boys Varsity Badminton Season
By:  Afsara Monzur

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Taken by:  Chenghui Zaho 

If you asked me what my favorite sport was right now, I would reply badminton without hesitation. Last year, I was on the girl's badminton team, and this fall, I was one of the managers for the boy's squad. The MLK Boys' Varsity Badminton team competed against a variety of schools, including Fashion Industries High School, James Monroe Campus, Bronx Science, Seward Park Campus, and others. Even though they had their ups and downs, they always gave it their all in every game.


Other players, such as Manav Ghosh, a freshman, stated, "As my first time being on the team, it was the best experience I've received." He said, “Everyone provides constructive criticism, and we all work together to improve our skills throughout practice. Being a part of the team taught me how to persevere in the face of adversity. Coach Brady was a good coach who put everyone in the game regardless of talent level, as we discovered by playing against teams from all around the city. In the singles match, I competed against Stuyvesant High School. Even though I lost the match, I learned how they play and how to adjust to it.

While Manav detailed his experience as a singles player, Sebastian Suarez, a student at Law Advocacy and Community Justice High School, recalled his experiences as a doubles player. "Playing with a partner is best for me because I've never played singles." Some methods that my partner and I use include chatting on the court, but not too much because we don't want our opponents to hear us. Also, during the week, I watch Danish men's doubles matches to see how they play.


Almost all sports demand leadership duties, and it can be difficult to balance school and extracurricular activities at times. It was especially challenging for the team captain, Bryan Zhao, a senior taking all of his studies at Hunter College. "Being captain was thrust upon me," he explained. I was forced into the job because I had the most experience with the team. I felt obligated because I'd been there the longest, and nobody else was prepared to take action, so I did. Because of all the extracurricular activities I'm already involved in, it was sometimes difficult to balance everything while applying to colleges." While it was difficult, the boys made it and will begin playoffs on November 13th! I wish them luck and hope they do everything they can to study and achieve.

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