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What Are The Sophomores' Thoughts On The New School Year?
Written By Akib Mortoza

Though we are all getting used to a new school year, many of the sophomore students have had an easier time settling in than when they were in freshman year. For example, Seif Eldwaity, a sophomore, has said he got used to his classes quickly and enjoys being a sophomore. When I asked him how his first week was, he said, “I was mostly indifferent during the first week. I was mentally preparing myself for school around the end of summer.” However, for others, they had a harder time adjusting during the first week of school. For instance, Imran Rahman, a sophomore, stated, “I had a bit of trouble waking up for school in the first week. I was almost always late for my first period class.” Additionally, he said that he had a lot of fun in new classes with new people. Sophomores have set goals for themselves to complete by the end of the school year. Both Seif and Imran have stated that they want to join the volleyball team, with Imran stating that he wanted to specifically be a starter. They also wanted to keep their grades above the 90s, and try their best for their classes. They’re excited for a lot of the events and activities this year, trusting the new sophomore representatives to advocate for fun activities. For example, Imran stated, “I’m really excited for the events this year because I know Mahalil [one of the new sophomore representatives] will do all of us right.” It is clear that these two students are not the only ones setting goals for themselves and engaging into school activities more, but many of the sophomores this year as well. As a lot of us are more used to highschool now, it is a good time to engage into our school community and challenge ourselves to work harder and be more productive. 

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