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Teacher Interview Part 2.

The Hunter-Gatherers interviewed our school teachers and faculty. Each teacher has their special story and each teacher has their history. In this release, we put together interviews from the Manhattan Hunter Science High School Math, Science, and Spanish Departments. In the following release, Part 3 will cover the remaining faculty. 

Math Department

Mr. Drouin

Mr. Drouin has been teaching at MHSHS for 18 years, having gone to Ohio College for 7 years for computer science, programming, and web design. Drouin had originally gotten a degree in pure math, a bachelor's in the science of math more specifically, and then proceeded to get a master's in mathematics; however, he was soon led to be an educator. He found out that one did not need an additional educational degree in order to teach at a university and then applied to be a math teacher but got accepted as a computer science teacher at the same university. Although he enjoyed this job as well, Mr. Drouin found that he liked math better because everything in math ‘makes sense’ and is found everywhere; there is always a right and wrong in math with no in-betweens. Mr. Drouin enjoys hockey since he used to play it professionally, and he also fought jiu-jitsu for four years. He also loves metal music because he grew up on it. Mr. Drouin expects his students to pay attention, understand information, and ask questions. Mr. Drouin views the school year as a marathon; although everyone goes at a different pace, eventually everyone is going to get to the finish line.

Mr. Jampol

Mr. Jampol started to teach on October 18, 2022, which is quite recent. Mr. Jampol came to New York searching for diversity and a desire to do something that served a higher purpose—something emotionally and intellectually fulfilling. Although he had previously worked in more corporate and business-type jobs, Mr. Jampol found that he was best suited for the non-profit sector and thus began to look for opportunities there. He also found working with young people to be rewarding and enjoyed the diversity that came with working in a New York City public school. Mr. Jampol loves movies, TV, and comedic performances and thoroughly enjoys a psychedelic rock and roll band called Phish. Phish is known for their live performances instead of recordings, and as such, Mr. Jampol has gone to more than 100 of their performances. He says he loves going to concerts, museums, and other places. Mr. Jampol doesn't expect much from his students; all he hopes is that they come to class prepared and are kind and respectful of learning differences.

Ms. Cheung

Ms. Cheung has been teaching since 2004 and has been at MHSHS for 18 years. Ms. Cheung was inspired to become a teacher because she enjoys being involved with teenagers, and she was also inspired to teach because of her middle school math teacher in general; she has a deep passion for math. In Ms. Cheung’s freedom, she finds herself traveling, biking, and hiking. Ms. Cheung expects her students to try their best and be honest and truthful.

Ms. Feldman

Ms. Feldman has been a teacher for eight years, and two of those years have been spent at MHSHS. Ms. Feldman was not particularly inspired to become a teacher. She accidentally became a teacher when, one day, as she was wandering around her old high school after dismissal, she ran into an old teacher. She was invited to teach math at the school by the teacher, who was aware of her enthusiasm for the subject. After applying for the position and getting it, Ms. Feldman decided to keep teaching because she loves meeting new people and cheering them on as they succeed. In her spare time, Ms. Feldman likes to travel, run, and engage in arts and crafts. Ms. Feldman hopes that her students will be ready to learn and perform to the best of their abilities and reach their fullest potential.

Science Department

Mr. Prem 

Mr. Prem is a physics and computer science teacher who has been teaching for 10 years, all of which were in MHSHS. Mr. Prem first found his interest in teaching when he got into a tutoring program in college and saw a big disparity between his education and others, which sparked his interest in education. He later used his free time to learn about the education system, and then his wife or girlfriend encouraged him to become a teacher. In his free time, Mr. Premvaree likes to run long distances, do marathons, play strategic board games, and hike, and he likes cooking. He hopes that his students realize that digital products and the world at large are more complex than they realize. He also hopes that his students are curious about how electronics, computer science technology, and the universe work.

Ms. Farulla

Ms. Farulla has been a teacher for 12 years, 8 of which she spent at MHSHS.She wanted to have a bigger influence on people, which is what motivated her to become a teacher. She did some studies on education before enrolling in a teaching program. She was hired as an instructor in full after six months in a small program. Ms. Farulla enjoys outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, kayaking, camping, and traveling in her spare time. She anticipates that every one of her pupils will act honorably and will make every effort to perform to the best of their abilities.

Spanish Department

Ms. Cisneros 

Ms. Cisneros has been teaching for around 7 to 8 years, 6 of which were at MHSHS. She was inspired to go into teaching because of how, when she was younger, her teacher supported her and helped her, and that made her want to help other kids. She says her students motivate her to keep doing what she does. She likes to travel, read, dance, and spend time with her friends. She also likes to exercise. She hopes that her students ask for help when they need it and that they are always motivated to learn.

Senor Sinchi

Senor Sinchi has been teaching for over 15 years. This is his eighth year teaching at MHSHS. Senor Sinchi was motivated to become a teacher because he wanted to make a difference in people's lives. He was also inspired by his teachers, who had a big influence on how passionately he felt about teaching. In a way, the red pen and the chalkboard felt like a call to Seor Sinchi. Seor Sinchi frequently read in his spare time, studied to become a better teacher, and lastly, performed volunteer work at his church. Seor Sinchi expects his students to try their best and hardest. Sinchi is quite strict when it comes to student academics because he wants to inspire students to keep moving forward. He wants to push his students to reach their full potential.

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