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Creative Writing Submissions Pt.2

MHSHS Creative Writing Club collaborates with MHSHS Hunter-Gatherers to bring you short creative writing every release! All subjects referenced in these writings are fictionally based and not in reference to any individual.

Wildflowers [Emulation Poem on Mary Oliver’s “Wild Geese”]

Written By Musfikah Maishah (March 2023)

I am not perfect, I don’t have to be.

I should not have to step on every stepping stone

All those days alone in my cold-lit room, feeling remorse.

Let the single strong-willed sapling of my frail body

grow into a blossom.

If I expose my burdens, will you?

And even still, for the time being, life goes on.

Still the rivers and the hailing jewels of Earth

that are traveling across the beautiful green terrains,

and the colorless houses and the lifeless trees,

the dense cities are still within reach.

Still the wildflowers, low on the fertile lands, are

growing to their fullest.

And when I was alone in my cold-lit room, I finally knew, 

the world offers its inhuman charms,

like the wildflowers, growing strong — 

again and again, trying to tell me I have potential and that one little mistake 

is not the same as doing a thousand good things.


Written By Ginny Glidden (March 2023)

People say that life came from either space or the sea

I don’t see the difference 

Deep space and deep sea

You can suffocate in either 

And I don’t quite care which endless expanse of nothing we came out of 

All I know is both are hauntingly beautiful - 


empty of everything but every shade of darkness 

the deepest part of our universe god herself couldn’t force light to shine

seemingly uninhabited, but you know better. 

your heart wouldn’t be pounding in your ears if you knew you were here alone

(because that’s right, you’re ten thousand leagues under the sea 

or way past pluto, and you can’t see stars anymore)

but whatever it is, you can’t see it

you can’t see anything 

and you’re trapped in your slow, heavy, shivering body

stuck under a membrane of cold sweat and the coffin of your suit

and the only sound is your own shallow, shaky breathing 

that slices through your throat and takes in less oxygen with every strained inhale 

and you’re gonna die here aren’t you

in an abyss where no one will ever find your body

and when was the last time you checked your oxygen levels 

and your hyperventilating isn’t helping your spinning head 


once you start thinking straight again, 

and start moving forward again, 

you’ll find it just as beautiful as I do. 

your thoughts becoming quieter as you float further into the dark

but as soon as you hear the singing 

or see the little glowing lights 

or feel your heartbeat slow 

or your body being drawn toward something ahead of you 

you have to get home 

if you can decide which direction is up.

Seashore by the Seashells

Written By Byran Zhao (March 2023)

By the seashore; filled with mere delights.

    As seen by yours truly, 

    yearning isn’t enough.

From here on now, my farewell greets you.


Let it greet; don’t be charmed.

     Hereafter is what I’ve been praised for.

     Neither hatred nor love exists for you.

Shells by the shore; let it wave and coast.


Gradually, but bitterly, the verse slips from my tongue.

     Everlasting dreams are real,

     little ludicrous me had learned. 

Settle for love, yet misery was caught


Never-ending dreams; where’s my happily ever after? 

     Reality strikes me by the day,

     though by the night,

     regrets consume me. 

A sea of despair; that once belonged to me.


My voice relieves their anguish; it truly takes the ache away.

    Yesterday has passed, 

    and tomorrow is yet to come.

Eternity is seen; abiding by his ambitions 


I watched from the shore; awaiting his return.

      Guilelessly dreaming of the days,

      where I swam through the ocean

      with my lavish tail and I. 

I'll move on someday; only to the relief of my despair.

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