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Art Review

What art have I seen over the month in MHSHS?

By: Vi Huang

            Over the past month, many pieces of artwork in the art hallway have piqued my interest. The prompt, issues in the world you are concerned with, are what the hardworking NYCARTS students are answering. Each student was distinctive in their own way; many pondered about war and culture, some about their internal challenges, and others thought about the effect of humans or perhaps even philosophy. Most students worked with acrylic paint, but others took a different approach. Ranging from the use of watercolor to acrylic paint and hot glue, here are some that stood out.


First is Kalden Lama’s art project, depicting gay marriage and the stigma around it. At first, it seems like a normal ceremony, but as you look closer you may notice a few details. The officiant was not present, and the pews were empty. Gay marriage is so stigmatized, and this piece shows the beauty and pain of how this affects the people who face the consequences of these stereotypes. My interpretation of this piece is that love is love.

Next is Vincent Hua’s art project, depicting an astronaut. The head is just a puddle of space. An anonymous peer states, “Just because he is in an astronaut suit does not mean that he is invincible- his head is decapitated and is spilling space.  I feel that it depicts pride and persistence.” It seems to be a thought-provoking piece as some of my friends from another school believe it depicts dreams, as the head of the astronaut is a puddle of space. This is what stood out to me most; the many interpretations of his artwork.

Last but not least, Aisha Aldakak’s art project. It depicts a nursery where there are babies. These babies are either angels or devils. It begs the question of nature versus nurture. Are you born evil, or are you raised evil? Katelyn, my peer from another school, believes that people are born inherently evil but their character depends on how much of this “evilness” you can suppress. In contrast to Katelyn’s belief, I believe babies are born on a spectrum of evil. But I also believe that you can change their nature with how you raise them, therefore nurture still plays a role.

Overall, the NYCARTS hallway showed a lot of the worldly views that the artists have and their perspective on societal problems. 

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