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Film Reviews

Acting so Old, Yet Still so Young
By: Jesse Barshop

          Catch Me if You Can. Directed by Steven Spielberg. Written by Jeff Nathanson, Frank Abagnale Jr., and Stan Redding. It starts with our main character, Frank Abagnale Jr. It shows us what seems to be a lineup between 3 men on a TV show. They reveal That Frank is a con man, committing many fraudulent acts, from fake checks to stealing identities. He is the youngest con man, doing all of these things before he turned 19. It cuts to a French prison where Frank is being held. He is extremely ill and weak and looks like he's about to die. Frank comes from a privileged background, it's first shown when his father, Frank Sr. gets an award from what seems to be some important people or something else. Frank Sr. is also being investigated for tax fraud which kind of seems like foreshadowing. It’s then revealed that Frank Sr went broke and has no money anymore. His first taste of fraudulence was pretending to be a substitute teacher for his new school. He wanted to embarrass the guy who pushed him in the hallway. This goes on for a week before he gets caught. This is where he starts to like being someone he isn't.

          Frank comes home early and sees that his dad's friend is having an affair–or it's speculated–with his mother. It cuts to a new scene and it's revealed that his parents are getting a divorce which causes him to run away. He starts making fake checks and trying to convince people in different ways to give him money. Flirting, fake being sick, begging, and more. He sees a pilot and gets inspired to become one, but not the legal way. He's committing all these crimes and he seems to mature and grow but all he wants is his parents to get back together. Showing that he is just a kid.

          He ends up in LA where is almost caught but escapes because he posed as a secret service agent to get away. Eventually, he gives up being a pilot and becomes a doctor, of course again not the legal way with the FBI chasing him. But he is always 2 steps ahead. He gets engaged to a nurse there too, trying to keep under the radar even though they know his name, face, and age. Now he wants to be a lawyer. I mean, he's all over the place. He becomes a pilot again. He is changing so much that it's making my head spin! He flies all over the place until he lands in France where he gets caught. He wants to make a run for it but can't. He's trapped and eventually gives up, he accepts his fate. It cuts to him on the plane to the U.S. and he wants to speak to his father but The FBI agent, Carl Hanratty reveals his father died. He breaks down, running to the bathroom. Remembering all the moments with his father he's sobbing. He then climbs through the back of the toilet and escapes out the bottom of the plane. Supporting the name. But of course, he gets caught again because he goes to his mother's house. He spends years in jail until he gets an early release to work for the FBI to point out fraudulent checks. Until he decides to go back to his old ways. But then on Monday, he shows up for work again.

          This movie has a great thrill to it and has you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. I personally really like this movie and recommend it to you if you want a movie full of anticipation! I’d say this movie deserves a 9.6 out of 10. This movie never failed to bore me and I was wide awake watching it. I think it shows how someone can act so grown up but be so young. All Frank wanted was for his parents to be together and to impress his father. I could watch this movie again and still not get bored. The ending ties everything together, really showing Frank's true maturity.

January Drops
By: Cesar Reyes 

Playboi Carti: “Music”

Tracklist: “Ur The Moon”, “H00DBYAIR”, “2024”, “BACKR00MS Ft Travis Scott”, “EVILJ0RDAN”


          Playboi Carti released his list of singles after lying again about when the album was dropping. Playboi Carti has been releasing singles to prepare for the new album, with him either releasing the single on Instagram or Youtube. He announced the album was releasing in January 2024, but it has yet to release. The singles feature him using a deeper voice which is different from his original music, which he usually uses a higher tone in. Even though it is disappointing the album is not released yet, the singles are really good. All of them have me and many others excited for the new album, so I would give the singles a 9/10.


21 Savage: “American Dream”


          21 Savage released a new album to go with his new movie “21 Savage: The American Dream.” The album was a surprise drop as 21 Savage posted the feature list using baby photos, with the album cover being a baby photo of himself. “American Dream” is another regular 21 Savage album, where he utilizes the same beats with the same flow, only barely switching up the lyrics. The saving grace for this album really comes from the features such as Brent Faiyaz, Summer Walker, and Mariah the Scientist, who all had great R&B verses. In my opinion, Travis Scott had the best verse on the entire album. All in all, it’s a great album, but it could use some changing up with his flow and tone, as his albums are too similar for my personal taste. I would rate this album a solid 7/10.

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