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The Night of Broadway: Aladdin

Written By: Bryan (Chenghui) Zhao 

Published on 2/25/2023

The seasons change, but Aladdin on Broadway is open all year! The seats across the stage are filled with curious and chattering audiences. However, once the light began to fade, the chattering shrank to mere murmurs. On February 8th, Ms. Zakaria took her students to Broadway to watch the incredible musical Aladdin! The curtain raised as the clouded mist was seen, and through the thick fog, a figure was seen. A story was ready to be told, and the cell that held it had fallen apart. “Oh, I come from a land, from a faraway place…” The Genie sang as he emerged from within the mist. His dapper blue robe was tightened by a red strap across his waist. He was Michael James Scott, the infamous actor on Broadway. The Genie held a tight grip on the handle of the lamp; he smiled as the words escaped from his lips, “Let the magic begin!” He sang once again as he was surrounded by the citizens of Agrabah.

In a magical place, where a genie will oblige your wishes. One who'll guarantee three wishes to its owner with no objection. In the audience, every eye was lit with excitement and astonishment by the performance. The show took its audience’s breath away; with every breath, something new occurred. Though the performance will continue, it has already created a memory for many in the audience. “My favorite part of the trip would be the opening scene of Aladdin with "Arabian Nights." The scene was amazing and very worth remembering.  Additionally, having the opportunity to attend a show with my friends that I wouldn't have another chance for really made the experience memorable.” (ANONYMOUS’24). Through the mess of movements on the stage, a young man was seen wearing a red waistcoat with a layer of off-white harem pants. It was Michael Mallakel, an actor who debuted with his role as Aladdin on Broadway. “I’m going to become somebody. I don’t know exactly how exactly, but I am! I have to. Somehow…” Aladdin wandered through Agrabah, piping about his urge to be someone of whom his parents and the people around him could be proud. His tender nature made him need to prove to himself that he was worth something and that he belonged to something more. He lived a life as a thief with his three friends and lived in the city of Agrabah. The question remains: will he be able to prove he is much more than he appears? “Someday and soon, I’ll make you proud of your boy…”

While the story persisted, the audience’s eyes never left the stage. The transition through the act was a show in itself. Only by being present will you be able to fully appreciate what the musical has delivered. "The trip was very memorable, especially through the transitions between acts. It was certainly a trip to remember. Aladdin was definitely a musical to be loved and praised. Especially considering how talented the actors are! I loved the trip and the opportunity I was given to spend it with my friends." (ANONYMOUS’24). During the breathtaking shifts, on stage, a gorgeous young lady wearing a blue long-sleeved tube top with white collared sleeves on each side and blue harem pants with white trim was seen sitting with her female helpers in her room while grumbling about the extravagant wishes of her father. "How can someone love me, when in fact they don’t know me…?" Sonya Balsara, the lovely actress who made her Broadway debut as Jasmine in Aladdin, sang. The Sultan has expressed his wishes for his daughter, Jasmine, to be married to someone loyal. However, all of the princes who came from afar came for Jasmin’s wealth, not for her as a person. "Maybe there’s more beyond these palace walls..." Jasmine might finally discover something that was meant for her outside of these palace walls. The voice of Jasmine astounded the audience, and for a brief moment, there was silence before cheers filled the theater. 

They were the only two gems that were out there. They first met in Agrabah's shopping district. They sang and danced together, but Jasmine kept her identity a secret. You'll understand how the pieces fit together and how their story unfolded if you've ever heard the story of Aladdin. Everyone adored the show; one scene, in particular, was everyone's favorite. It was a scene that occurred far later, one of the iconic scenes in the Aladdin animated film. “You must feel trapped inside these walls; we’ll run away, just you and me.” Aladdin, who disguised himself as Prince Ali, said to Jasmine while they stood by the window of Jasmine’s chamber. “If I go with you, would it be safe?” Jasmine asked, lowering her head slightly. “Do you trust me?” Aladdin told Jasmine as she jumped. She raised her head, and their eyes met. He smiled and offered her his hand; together, they took a step out the window and onto the magic carpet.  “My favorite part was being able to go to Broadway for the first time and being able to watch the show with my friends. It was a really memorable trip. I'd definitely want to experience going to another Broadway show with my friends.” (ANONYMOUS’24). In the theater, it was astonishing to observe how the iconic magic carpet scene was brought to life in a musical. Words can't describe how spectacular and impressive this scene was. “A whole new world, a new fantastic point of view…” Aladdin sang as the audience gasped at the first sight of the performance. “A whole new world, a dazzling place I never knew…” Jasmine sang as she leaned backward onto Aladdin. “Let me share this whole new world with you!” The two sang as they flew on the carpet above the stage. As the moon watched over them, the night sky longed for love below them. The childhood magic of Disney is now remade into Broadway's enthralling stories, and new meanings are revealed. It felt as if I had just sat down when I heard the applause and cheers from around me. After the actors bowed and waved their goodbyes, the curtains closed as the theater lit up, indicating the end of the show. The Broadway production of Aladdin, however, will always be there year-round. While it isn't going away, you might be the one who is doing some moving.

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