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Academic Updates

New Semester, New Beginnings
By Akib Mortoza

            As we enter the last half of the school year, our strengths and weaknesses as students start to show, allowing us to grow as the days go on. One of the sophomores, Imran Rahman said he wanted to grow and expand upon his little shortcomings in the first semester. When asked if he can live up to the achievements of last semester, he replied, “Yeah I want to surpass my achievements from last semester, and change how I do my work. This is because balancing school and volleyball practice is difficult.” Students are consistently trying to better themselves and keep up with schoolwork. From the perspective of teachers, the studio arts and arts in NYC teacher, Mr. Kozak has an equally positive mindset going into the new semester. When asked about what he hopes will change in students, he states that he “hopes they will change to be well functioning citizens of society and they have agency and a say when it comes to our schools culture.” He states that he “wants students to find new outlets to be creative and for them to know that the arts can connect to all the other subjects.” Many people in the school has a positive mindset when it comes to the new semester; it serves as sort of a soft reset for everybody.

Favorite Goals and Hobbies
By Mahira Khan

              Throughout the school year there have been many trips and events which are pretty cool. As the midwinter break and spring approaches, it's exciting to find out and learn about what others are planning to do . For this interview, I asked students what they are looking forward to in the month of February, both academically and in general, as well as  what they are planning to do over midwinter break.


A sophomore, Elena Flores, stated, “During midwinter break, I am planning on studying for the AP World History exam. As well as reading and watching shows.” A goal that she shared for  this month is to improve upon her math grades. She also said that she is looking forward to relaxing during the midwinter break. Another sophomore, Danna Pallchisaca, shared, “My favorite thing to do during midwinter break is to rest up, watch seasonal movies and enjoy time with family and friends”. Her goals are to try not to procrastinate as much and to have control over her time management. She is looking forward to this month because of the winter break. Sakura Jung, also a sophomore, mentioned, “I’m planning to meet my middle school friends this break and my favorite thing to do during break is waking up late”. She is overall just looking forward to this February break.

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