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High School Review Part 3

The Hunter-Gatherers went around interviewing students from grades 9-11 in Manhattan Hunter Science High School (MHSHS). Take a look at what the students say about their student life at MHSHS.

Across the large spanning freshmen class, there are many different aspirations bubbling inside the bright minds of students. A main focus area, it seems, is the medical field. With the influence of clubs like the Medical Club, as well as the fact that Manhattan Hunter Science is a science school, it makes clear sense that many students would like to pursue a career in medicine. 

One freshman said that they would like to become a pediatrician because they enjoy working with kids. They also said that they want to make their parents proud. Further exploring this topic, it was discovered that a main reason most high school students are attempting to pursue a career in medicine is because of the salary. This leaves us with the question, do students really want to be doctors, or are they in it for the money? It seems to be that for students, achieving a high salary is an important aspect to achieve validation from parents. 

There seem to not be a lot of speculation around other career fields. When asked, some students did not know if they even want to go to college in the future! Alas, this is expected as the freshmen class is still quite young, and are very undecided on their futures. In the next few years, students are bound to start getting an idea of who they want to be when they grow up as their environments not only influence but nurture them. Due to the culture of art in our school, I suspect that there may be a spike of students wanting to reach a career in that industry. 


The freshmen may not know who they are yet, but as they find their way through high school that part of them will continue to develop. Then, this article will surely be longer!

Class of 2026

Collected by Kiran Srikant

What do freshmen want to be in the future? What field of career do they want to be in?

Class of 2025

Collected by Divya Darshanprashad

What do sophomores want to be in the future? What field of career do they want to be in?

As students advance to the next grade they are able to discover new and important skills. These skills will help them with harder work in the future. Considering this, upcoming students need to remember they are entering a new environment with new teachers. Many current students agreed that the underclassmen will need some vital advice. The advice discussed in this article will range from general homework practices to in-class behavior. 


Many students mentioned that the workload increases in the next grade, so students must learn how to manage time. Managing your time can be done by creating a schedule in which you are allowed time to do certain hobbies when your homework is completed. Going into sophomore year, students usually want to do more clubs, but this cannot happen unless they learn how to properly manage their time when they are freshmen. This can be done by cutting down on procrastination, as well as learning to prioritize certain assignments. Students still need to have breaks, but they are able to do this once they master time management. 


Another common piece of advice was paying attention in class and consistently taking notes. Students should be taking notes for their own understanding, not just because a teacher tells them to. This will give students a higher chance of understanding the topic much better. Current sophomores have mentioned that taking notes made understanding concepts in class much easier. When reading, it's encouraged to reread the text to completely understand it because classes are starting to have the more advanced vocabulary. For example, students are meant to understand the chapters they read and not need further information on them during AP World History. When discussing AP World, sophomores mentioned that there is a great difference between the workload, tests, and assignments when compared to their last year's classes. Underclassmen need to get used to classes that are structured differently than what they are used to while still achieving good grades.


Finally, it is important to study. Freshmen may have been able to get by with ease in their current classes without studying, but it’s very important to study in sophomore year. A lot of sophomore years depend on students understanding textbook concepts and terms in both AP World History and AP Bio. Tests in these classes are formatted much differently than what freshmen students are used to since it’s based on College Board’s exams. This just emphasizes the need to study the material and vocabulary so sophomores can better understand the questions. Current freshmen should start practicing revising their writing, asking questions, and asking for help when needed. There is always support in the midst of heavy workloads, so going to office hours when something is difficult to comprehend is helpful. School life is a roller coaster of ups and downs, but it is important to continue moving forward. It will only become harder ahead, but by learning the important skills needed to succeed, the journey will hopefully be an easier one.

Although it is not yet as near as it will be during senior year, adulthood is coming fast for juniors. With that come many important decisions such as future colleges, careers, majors, and futures for the class of 2024. What is the class of 2024 thinking? Thanks to some interviews, we’ll finally have some insight into this baffling inquiry. 

Many of our juniors are interested in the STEM field, which makes sense as this school is called Manhattan Hunter SCIENCE High School. Some of the careers that appeared popular amongst students were architecture, neonatology, gastroenterology, and pediatrics. Many of the juniors have aspiring visions rooted in their desire to resolve problems that have affected them or their communities deeply. Some of our prospective neonatologists have been in neonatal intensive care units themselves, while others have seen how architecture design directly affects their black and brown communities. While money is an important factor in their choices, many would actually rather create an impact than chase after money. A vast majority of the jobs listed help out people in need or innocent children and minorities who constantly go overlooked. With an increasing amount of inhumane and unempathetic anti-homeless architecture, our architecture majors will have their hands full. Having said this, these high-paying jobs will require many rigorous courses and tribulations, which our juniors will have to face in less than a year.


However, work isn’t everything; juniors would also like to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Many of our future medically-inclined students would like to travel the world and feel a sense of accomplishment by finding joy in the lives impacted by their efforts. Many would like to go out-of-state to live and learn, tired of New York and its ever-increasing rent prices. Some would like to go elsewhere for their learning but return home to a lofty apartment overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

Nevertheless, juniors have their hands full setting the wheels in motion to prepare for the journey ahead. I wish the best of luck to the entire class of 2024.

Class of 2024

Collected by Frida Rivera

What do juniors want to be in the future? What field of career do they want to be in?

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