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Camping Trip: Black Rock Forest


"Black Rock Forest is a living laboratory for field-based research and education, encompassing native terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems that are increasingly rare in the region." With the Outdoor Club, students went on a 3-day camping trip from October 27th, 2022 - October 29th, 2022. Students got to hike, cook, and explore the wilderness with their friends and teachers. For more information about Black Rock Forest, visit

"The best part of the trip was getting to live with and experience nature with people I only saw in school. Cooking and hiking with my classmates was chaotic at times, but we got to do activities that we would otherwise be unable to do in the city. Overall, the trip was very memorable, and I highly recommend it to future MHSHS students."
~ Anonymous Student A
​"I think the most humorous thing that happened was on the last night of the trip when we had the pod Olympics and the students were roasting the teachers. The trip as a whole was very memorable. Seeing people fall and seeing all of us get to know each other was nice."
~  Anonymous Student B​
"The trip was really fun! I made lots of unforgettable memories with my friends, and this was a really fun" - aL experience even though I fell so many times during the hikes. It was an experience and an opportunity for us to know more about our friends."
~ Alyssa Leung, Junior
​"The trip was truly a great experience. We were given the time to socialize and do things together with students from other grades. The night hike to the campfire was a new experience for most people and was sweet. I loved the Pod Olympics because it was quite funny doing team-building work with people I barely knew previously. Additionally, pod cooking was a new experience where I was able to work in a kitchen with other people socializing while getting work done. The cabins were hygienic, and the beds were comfortable. If I had the chance to go again with peers from school, I would 100% hands down go."
~ Anonymous Student C

Photographs Credits: Nairi Nakhapetian & Alyssa Leung

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