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College Reviews Part 1

Kehinde Ayinde | Karen Lin | Emily Cordova

Three Class of 2023 students came together to write about their senior experience. Manhattan Hunter Science High School provides MHSHS seniors with an academic year at the Hunter College Campus while taking college courses. Take a look at what they have to say about their high school in-college experience!


Photo by MHSHS Media Club

How Has Senior Year Treated Me?
What Were My First Impressions?

By Emily Cordova

Not only the freedom but the rigor that senior year brings forces your time management skills to become sharp as ever. The fall semester of senior year can be quite stressful, especially with the college process and the responsibility to do well in both college and high school courses. When I first entered senior year, I was excited over the newfound liberty I would have in comparison to the years I spent at the high school. However, even a small delay in my work left me in an endless spur to catch up on not only college apps but studying for college midterms and finals. Although, having the time to meet up with friends and catch up while finishing work was helpful. The campus is full of comfortable studying spots, whether it be at the many libraries or the two sky bridges. With all these experiences, I could create my prized memories. Hunter Campus is scattered with different study areas, so despite the extreme overcrowding, during certain times you have access to spaces like the 5th-floor library or Game Center. Experiencing this fall semester of senior year with an early college experience has allowed me to realize the do’s and don’ts in college where time is key. I will say that the college application process has certainly limited my enjoyment at Hunter College. Nevertheless, I now know how to manage my college and high school courses, and I can say that the spring semester will bring forth even better experiences and results.

As many people know, we study at CUNY Hunter College during our senior year. The school year is split into two semesters, with a month-long intermission in January where we work on our senior symposium project. Our senior symposium project is essentially a research paper with your choice of topic. We have a different schedule for each semester, but the same high school classes of English 12 and AP Government and Politics. These high classes meet twice a week and we can choose between college courses or high school electives. For, I chose to take college courses to better prepare me for my college experience in the future. My courses for my first semester were college chemistry and calculus. For my second semester, I am planning to take college statistics and sociology. The best part of being at the college is the amount of freedom you have over your day. Once you finish a class, you are free to do whatever you want until you have another class. You can hang out in the library. You can leave and then come back. The only responsibility you have is to be in class at the time you need to be. Some people choose to not even go to class, which I will not recommend. No room is technically off-limits. If the room has its doors open and is empty, you are free to stay inside. No one knows you are a high school student. Therefore, don’t reveal you are a high school student unless they ask. Lastly, don’t be [ill-mannered]. Leave the place cleaner than it is. Don’t be overly loud. Respect the college. Don’t ruin this amazing opportunity for the upcoming class. Good luck. Senior year will be your best year yet. 

What Was The Early College Process Like?

By Karen Lin

How Was the Early College Process? 

How is Senior Year at The College Campus?

By Kehinde Ayinde

Senior year is very helpful in my overall outlook on college life. I've adapted to a better work ethic and better time management skills. Having classes over the course of the day with long breaks grants significant amounts of freedom, but make good decisions with how you spend your free time. At first, I thought I wouldn't know what to do with all the free time, but eventually, I made it work for my schedule. For me, senior year hasn't been very stressful since I attempted to manage my workload effectively. You may get lost a lot at first but you'll know your way around campus very quickly. The 5th-floor library is super pretty; my favorite spots are the little nooks you can stay in. In the senior year you will have a research project but don't worry you'll be well prepared and well guided. Reach out to your teachers if you need support or are unable to catch up with work due to the college application process; they are very understanding. The college classes vary in difficulty but there are many resources available. Use them!! You will be fine, stay organized and optimistic. 

     The college process can seem very stressful but Ms.Wilks is very supportive and provides a lot of guidance. Get your letter of recommendation at the end of your junior year, and make sure to reach out to your teachers that you asked to remind you. Try to do all your financial aid, and FAFSA before you start your applications. If you're applying early, it will be stressful but if you break up your essays or supplements over a specific time allotment, you will be way more prepared. Don't wait until the last minute. If you want someone to look over your common app essay or supplements, Ms. Wilks is willing to help with them as well as other English teachers in our school. Reach out! Meet your deadlines and try not to stress yourself out. Applying early is stressful but knowing your friends and classmates are with you makes it much easier.

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