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Photograph Credit: Bryan Zhao

New York Historical Society: Salem Exhibition

Junior English Language & Composition classes visited the Salem Witch Trail Exhibit at the New York Historical Society! After reading The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, in class, the Salem witch trial exhibit further enhanced the Juniors’ understanding of one of many catastrophic events in American History.
"I found the exhibit with Alexander McQueen's interpretation of witches and witchcraft through fashion to be the most memorable of the entire trip. It provided a modern perspective on an older topic. We already learned most of the information that the tour guide offered, therefore some parts of the trip were silent, awkward, or generic. Otherwise, the artifacts were interesting, but I wish the witchcraft section was larger."
~Anonymous Student A 
"This was one of my favorite trips since being at MHSHS. It was fascinating learning and researching about the Salem witch trials. Going to a museum to see the artifacts and learn about different stories that we didn't learn about yet. One enjoyable element of the trip was going to the gallery filled with pictures of modern-day witches; I love learning about witchcraft."
~Anonymous Student B
In all honesty, the trip was okay but also a relief. It was a sense to step away from the stress of school and just be outside of a weekday for a change. It did help me learn a lot more about the Salem Witch Trials but it would have been better if both Schuck’s and Zakaria’s classes went on the trip. I feel that would have made it much more fun.
~Anayah Paredes
The trip was good. The most enjoyable part was when our class got to chill out at the underground market at 59th St, as it was super relieving and stress-free from school. Definitely one to remember.
~Jayden Cruz 
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