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 Newly Elected Student Council Members 
Written by Jay Rubin

As the new school year begins, so do the annual student council elections. Those who were elected shared their motivations, campaign strategies, and ideas for improving the school. Let's first hear from our co-presidents.

Khamani Brown expressed, "What motivated me to run for student council was my admiration for past student leaders. I wanted to bring about change, step out of my comfort zone, and try something new." He believed that his familiarity with the student body since his freshman year contributed to his success. Khamani explained, "Building on this, I aimed to recycle past ideas and bring unexplored ones to the forefront, building upon our school's existing successes."
Next, we have Miah Reyes, our other co-president. She said, "My main motivation was to connect with my school community and be a trustworthy listener for my peers. This wasn't my first time on a student council; I was involved in middle school. That experience taught me the value of creating enjoyable experiences for students, especially during challenging times like the pandemic." Miah emphasized authenticity as a key factor in earning trust during her campaign. She encouraged students to reach out with their ideas for school improvement.
When it comes to making changes in the school, Miah explained, "While some aspects of the school are fundamental and cannot be altered, the student council is committed to organizing more events, both grade-wide and school-wide, as well as additional spirit weeks and activities. If you have event ideas or suggestions, please approach me or any other student council member, and we will advocate for your ideas."


Now, let's hear from the grade representatives, starting with the freshman representatives. It's important to note that there were three candidates and three elected representatives for this grade.

Gavin Li shared, "Coming from a large middle school with limited student council involvement, I wanted to play a more active role in high school. My main ideas include organizing small events that foster a sense of community and creating a more positive school atmosphere."
Nicole Martinez ran to provide a voice for shy or overlooked students. Her focus was on planning enjoyable activities for the school community.
Gianna Rodriguez Cerda, the third freshman representative, emphasized her leadership skills and ability to advocate for others. While she didn't have specific ideas for change at the moment, she promised to address any issues that arose promptly.

Moving on to the sophomore representatives, Mahalil Hayat and Justin Pulla.

Mahalil explained, "I was motivated by a desire to introduce more events and ensure that high school memories are enjoyable for everyone. My campaign incorporated humor and familiar faces to engage the student body. I also aim to gather more student input to organize events that cater to everyone's interests and stay up-to-date with current trends."
Justin stated, "My primary goal in joining the student council was to be part of the decision-making process and correct any flaws from our freshman year. I want to make this year a positive experience for all students, regardless of their grade." He believed that the entertainment value of his campaign video helped him stand out, and he emphasized the importance of making school events enjoyable for everyone.


Lastly, let's hear from our junior representatives, Jessica Cordeiro and Julia Kolakowska. They decided to run after multiple suggestions from Ms. Veras, the student council advisor, and their active involvement in school activities.

Jessica shared, "My campaign video focused on entertainment, and I hope to introduce events like Karaoke night and improve existing ones by considering student preferences. I aim to enhance the ambiance of events such as grade mixers, school dances, and hunter games to create a more enjoyable experience for everyone."

In conclusion, our newly elected student council members are committed to improving our school and creating a positive, engaging environment for all students. Feel free to reach out to them with your ideas and suggestions.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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