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Graffiti Field Trip: Boone Ave

MHSHS Art teacher, Mr. Kozak brought the students to Boone Ave Bronx to appreciate and learn about the history of spray paint on November 21st.  The students had a chance to spray paint on a board that you can find in Mr. Kozak's Room. 

More about Boone Ave, visit: 

Katherine Ni
Diya Patel
Katherine Ni
Fatima EL-Rowmeim
Fatima EL-Rowmeim
Fatima EL-Rowmeim

Photographs Credits: Katherine Ni & Diya Patel & Fatima EL-Rowmeim

Student Review

"The trip was fun but cold! I enjoyed being able to see all the amazing art on Boone Avenue."
~ Anonymous Student A
​"The trip was AMAZING and COLD! Being in the Mural Club, I wanted to learn more about spray paint and techniques. I enjoyed the spray painting activity after exploring all the different art styles within the neighborhood. The Boone Ave visit is a very memorable experience."
~ Katherine Ni, Junior​
"The Boone Ave Graffiti Field Trip was great! It was very COLD, but it was fun overall! We met artists who have been doing graffiti for their whole life; one of the artists has been doing art for 40+ years! I loved learning about NYC graffiti history. Graffiti began as an overnight movement worldwide. Although I never cared much about graffiti, this trip taught me how artists use graffiti to express themself while beautifying their neighborhoods. A very tight-knit graffiti community of artists from all over the world periodically comes together to create art. This also shows how committed these artists are to their graffiti artwork. It also was very moving to learn that younger artists spraying their deceased friends' names pass on the legacies of the deceased artists to future generations. We spray painted at the end of the trip, which was fun even though it was very windy and the canvases kept falling. I learned how graffiti artists used different paint caps to create different textures on the canvas. This trip also inspired me to try spray painting shortly!"
~ Fatima El-Rowmeim, Junior​
"The trip was not the best. Though, the part I enjoyed the most was spending some more time with my friends rather than doing work. Something memorable was the cold and the history of the graffiti was nice, too."
~ Anonymous Student B
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