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Student Council: Future Events
Written by Brian Reinoso

We have kicked off the school year with new representatives in the Student Council at MHSHS. With this addition, they’re advocating and planning for future events for the school. Right now, a confirmed event to take place is Spirit Week in December. There are plans in the works for upcoming holidays as well. We took the chance to interview Justin and Mahalil, the new representatives for the 10th grade. They explained what it's been like, what they're working on, and the troubles they’ve faced as part of STUCO. “It has just been pretty easy; I just have to give my ideas and help our grade have fun,” Mahalil responded. Additionally, Justin expressed his concerns, stating, “Trying to see and take into consideration what the entire school wants is quite difficult. Each student has a different opinion, and we are trying to appeal to all of them.” As we move forward, it's important for STUCO members to lead MHSHS. It is equally as important for us as part of this community to let them know we should have their backs as well.

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