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What is NYC Arts up to?
Written by Sakura Jung

Walking through the school, haven’t we noticed those hopscotches in front of classroom doors or posters on the door wall full of stickers? Or maybe you’ve seen a Pokemon on the ceiling. Those are just a few interactive art pieces presented in the hallways created by NYC art students! Interactive art is always fun, allowing the audience to participate in an activity that could brighten their day. The Pokemon Rayquaza model made from cardboard was hung in Mr. Kozak’s hallway. For the posters on top of the doors, we could jump and place a yes-or-no sticker with drawings on them. A mirror is hung by Mr. Heinrichs’ classroom, which has an activity to write what you think identity is on an index card. There are also posters around the school with motivational quotes written on them. In addition, a large world map was hung and had an activity where you put red pins on where you are from and blue pins on where you want to go. There is also a basketball hoop in the 60’s hallway where you can shoot mini basketballs, though it has sadly been broken. The hopscotch in front of classroom doors is a fun way to go in or out of the classroom. Childhood drawings covering the wall showed a question about what your favorite childhood memory is. Normally, an art piece is created by the artist expressing themselves, but with these interactive activities, the audience can also express themselves. I enjoyed the posters where you could place stickers, but of course, all the art pieces deserve praise, and others may have different opinions on their favorite art piece. There are many more art pieces that I have yet to mention, but looking for art pieces is always fun too, which also brings to mind the scavenger hunt! NYC Arts also made a scavenger hunt to find candy in some classrooms. Did you all enjoy it? Thank you, NYC Arts!

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