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With Spring comes Fruit and Vegetables 
Written by Destiny Ugochukwu

    Due to the different arrangement of colors on trees, the warm weather, and, sadly, the seasonal allergies, the season of spring has a lot to offer. Since April is here and spring is almost near, I wanted to uncover the multiple fruits and vegetables that are in season during spring. Asparagus, Strawberry, Spinach, and Cabbage are some food items that are in season at the moment. So, I decided to share the ways that I incorporate these items into my food.
   Dish number 1 is asparagus with mac and cheese and chicken breast (not combined together). This is a great way that I incorporate Asparagus into this meal. The mac and cheese does most of the heavy lifting in this dish, with minimal seasoning like salt and black pepper. But even with it having a small amount of seasoning, this dish is super delicious because of the amount of cheese and it being baked until it’s slightly crispy. The asparagus is seasoned with salt and pepper, and a hint of all-purpose seasoning to add a little kick to the veggie. The chicken breast is baked with one maggi cube (which contains iodised salt, sugar, chili, pepper, cloves, cassava, onion, corn starch, monosodium glutamate (MSG), palm oil, soya lecithin, color caramel, and lovage.), salt and pepper, and is served with lemon juice sprayed on top. This meal combo is amazing and I highly recommend it. 
   The next dish is spinach combined with shrimp on top of rice. The shrimp is the MVP in this dish because of all the seasoning. The seasoning in question is salt, black pepper, all purpose seasoning and maggi help to bring out the amazing taste that shrimp has to offer. In addition, the mix of spinach helps to complement and balance out the intense flavor of the shrimp. This can be served on top of white rice or brown rice, but either way it's a very delicious combo.
   The third dish is cabbage with some rice and stew. My mom always makes rice and stew since it’s very easy. All you need is some cooked white or brown rice, with some tomato paste, water, salt, pepper and onion powder to make the stew. The rice and stew mixture is alright on its own, since the flavors blend quite nicely together. However, in order to change it up, I add a side of cabbage. All you have to do is boil the cabbage, add some salt and that's it. Not only does it complement this dish but it adds new flavor to it as well. 
   And lastly, the fourth dish: Chocolate covered strawberries. To be honest, I’ve seen this combo a lot on social media, and when I was able to try it I was surprised by how good it was. The nutty and warm melted chocolate compliments the sour-ish but sweet flavor of the strawberries, and it’s amazing to eat on warm spring days.
   These food items are not the only things that are in season this spring, but I think that these food combinations are an amazing way to incorporate some in-season fruits and vegetables into your diet. I recommend trying these dishes out, and if they are not to your liking, try and see how you could incorporate in-season fruits and vegetables into the dishes you make at home.

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